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Joe Giudice Posts & Deletes Public Apology After Partying With Women In Mexico; Says He’s “Very Faithful And Going To Wait”

Even though they didn’t officially confirm it, Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice have apparently gone their separate ways. They are probably waiting until those Real Housewives of New Jersey Italy episodes and the Season 10 reunion airs to speak out on a split.

In the meantime, Teresa spent Christmas Eve with the “pool boy” Tony Delorenzo, who she used to date back in high school. Both Teresa and Joe accused each other of cheating during that extremely awkward interview with Andy Cohen. I mean, who can forget the many hand-holding photos of Teresa and that twenty-something-year-old? You know, the guy she’s “just friends with” who “helped her to the car.” Well, now, Joe has come under fire after photos and videos emerged from a boys trip in Mexico, which included some female company as well.

TMZ posted photos and videos of Joe and his friends partying in Mexico. Ironically enough, the crew was at a place called Isla Mujeres, which literally translates to “Island of Women.” The photos and videos featured women dancing on/near Joe and hanging in a cabana. Check out the footage yourself before you form an opinion.

After the TMZ article was published, Joe posted an apology note to his family on Instagram. However, he deleted the post soon after. However, there are screenshots that got posted to Twitter, of course.


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Pardon the grammar, but Joe wrote, “I have learned about the bravery it takes to be in [the] public eye and how videos or comments can be ‘insensitive and stupid, and I am deeply sorry for that.’ Though, I am on a family trip with my uncle and friends! Girls were trying to dance with me at a hotel. I gave permission for individuals to dance close to me in which I’m sorry for my girls that witnessed it. My girls deserve me full time though I am not to be shamed for talking to humans. Sincerely, Joe #tmx #lovemy girls #brave #standup.”

One person commented on the post, “Watch ur back Joe. Some unscrupulous people out there.” In response, Joe said, “yes I’m very faithful and going to wait.”


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Wow, wait. What? Does that mean that Joe is hoping to rekindle his relationship with Teresa? That is very interesting and I cannot help hoping that Joe made an appearance via video chat during the Season 10 reunion. He might as well, right? Most of the past few seasons have centered around him anyway, even though he wasn’t around.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, before Joe deleted that apology Instagram, Teresa clicked “like” on the post.


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