Ashley Jacobs Slams Southern Charm Cast For Enabling Kathryn Dennis

There is a lot of Southern Charm drama this week. Kathryn Dennis got called out for referring to an African American woman with a monkey emoji. Cameran Eubanks announced that she left the show. Rumors swirled that Cameran’s husband Jason Wimberly was having an affair. The accused mistress denied the rumors and maintained that she had never met Cameran and Jason. Cameran even publicly supported her by liking and sharing her post. This woman also claimed that Kathryn started the rumor, a story that Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner corroborated in their Instagram Stories. Oh, and Naomie and Chelsea are gone from the show too.

Thomas Ravenel chimed in to denounce the show. He claimed that they asked him to return, which is doubtful considering the sexual assault of it all. Kathryn’s longtime nemesis Landon Clements shared her two cents. And now, Thomas’ ex Ashley Jacobs is bashing Kathryn and the whole Southern Charm cast.

In an Instagram Story that she shared last night, Ashley wrote, “The whole cast was aware of this behavior the WHOLE time. The only reason you defended her while cameras were filming (not off camera, keep in mind) was you lacked the integrity to be honest and real in front of the cameras for fear of unpopular opinion. You created your ‘kween’- this reality TV fictional character by condoning that behavior (and now you’re all upset about it?).”

Ashley said, “I undoubtedly was 100% wrong in my approach to calling her out the way that I did, but never once did I pretend to be something that I was not.” When did Ashley call her out for racially insensitive tendencies or lying about someone’s marriage? I’m failing to see the connection between Ashley’s flawed attempt at justice and Kathryn’s many mistakes. Then again, it’s hard not to wonder what Kathryn is really like. That leaked DM is rather eye-opening in addition to Kathryn’s role in the affair rumors. Regardless, Kathryn is far from the underdog Southern Charm fans have been rooting for.


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Ashley declared, “You were ALL enablers. I wish I would have used the word COWARDS instead. Seems a bit more fitting.”

In another story, Ashley wrote, “PS- The only reason SC season 5 was the highest-rated season in the show’s history is because it was the only time someone had the courage to speak some truth.” Sure, Ashley.


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