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Kathryn Dennis’ Ex Joe Abruzzo Sues Southern Charm Cast Member For Comments About His “Ken Doll Penis” & Political Career

Do you remember Joe Abruzzo? No worries if you don’t, I barely do. For anyone who needs a refresher, he briefly dated Kathryn Dennis last season on Southern Charm. It truly seemed like Kathryn has a type: an older man in politics. However, the relationship was pretty short-lived, unlike her saga with Thomas Ravenel that went on way too long.

When they split, Kathryn claimed that they broke up after some encouragement from her friends who apparently didn’t like the way Joe spoke to Kathryn. Well, now, way after the fact, Joe is suing Southern Charm cast members and the Bravo network for $10 million. Why? You’re gonna laugh about this one.

The Sun reported that Joe filed papers against Bravo, Craig Conover, Chelsea Meissner, and Madison LeCroy. The papers claim that that the intentionally inflicted “emotional distress, fraud, negligence, and defamation” among other thing.

Why those three and not the person who brought him onto the show? During an episode, the ladies discussed some nude photos of Joe that were “allegedly” floating around the internet. Madison commented, “Oh. His penis looks like a Ken Doll. Like, it’s just a bulge.” Chelsea remarked, “Look at that, it’s like a ‘mangina.'” Truthfully, I forgot all about that scene. But, clearly, Joe has not.


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Joe also said that the show’s editing team blurred the photos for no reason because his penis could not be seen in the pictures. He claimed that the “intentional and malicious blurring” suggested that his penis was visible in the original photo. Again, totally forgout about this until Joe brought it up.

On the show, Craig shared, “Well, he’s a disgraced politician in Florida… He’s not running for re-election because of his divorce. His wife is accusing him of being physically abusive.” Apparently, those statements showed Joe in a “false light.” And, once again, I’m going to point out that Joe is drawing way more attention to a plot line that got very little attention when it aired.


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In those documents, Joe denied that Kathryn dumped him. Instead, he claimed it was the other way around. Not that we care. He also claimed, “Dennis almost immediately began imploring Plaintiff Abruzzo to be on the show, telling Abruzzo that if she were to get married, she believed the Corporate Defendants would pay big money for rights to televise her wedding, honeymoon, an exclusive, and other things of that nature.” Now, this is interesting. Just imagine Kathryn having a televised wedding or bachelorette party.

All in all, Joe says the show caused “emotional distress.” He claimed, “The emotional distress suffered was severe such that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it and it had physical manifestations of pain, loss of sleep, nervousness, stress, anxiety, damage to reputation, and other manifestations.”


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Joe wants $10 million. The thirst is real, folks.


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