Jenna MacGillivray Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Jenna MacGillivray Says People Get Mad At Her When She Apologizes

The word “frustrating” doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel watching Jenna MacGillivray on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.  I can’t imagine how the cast members felt being stuck on a boat with her. She and Adam Glick have the worst attitudes possible. She is condescending to her stews Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobbler, going the extra mile to make Madison’s life hell.

Jenna made fun of Parker McCown all season. She even clapped back at her boss Captain Glenn Shephard because he asked her to tone down the PDA AT WORK. Adam and Jenna just became increasingly smug as the season went on. Their whole relationship was just so strange since it’s not even like they were getting along amazingly well. They were at odds just as much as they were all over each other. And not only that, but we pretty much only saw Jenna polishing that one glass. Sure, there’s editing and we can’t see it all, but sure seemed like Madison and Georgia were doing a majority of the work this season.

Jenna reflected on the season with an Instagram post. She admitted, “I got lost this season. Lost in a love I believed in. Lost in a person I believed in. I’m a hopeless romantic that grew up on Disney and foolishly believed I too could find an everlasting love. And for years, when I met someone I felt was worth it, I gave it everything I had. And that is my fault, because in that process I forget no one is going to catch me when I fall.” Meanwhile, these two seemed absolutely miserable in between making out, but love comes in many forms, I guess.

Jenna maintained, “I tried my hardest this season to be a boss. I tried my hardest to be open and vulnerable, and to many of you, that simply wasn’t good enough. But I tried and I will try again. I made mistakes. And you’ll see at the reunion how that transpires.” Oh, great, more Jenna.


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Jenna claimed, “It saddens me mostly because I’m a person that takes joy in making others happy.” That’s not something we saw on the show when she was talking down to everyone, but let’s hope it’s somewhat true considering her job and all.

The Chief Stew said, “There were a lot of complexities at play.”


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She claimed, “I’ve apologized to Madison, Georgia, and Parker. I most recently apologized to Glenn for my tone and behaviour in last nights episode. I feel when I apologize people get mad at me, and if I say nothing, I also get chastised. Im trying my best. We are all human and make mistakes. So Im just going to chug this beer in my hand and eat some humble pie.” She needs a BIG piece of that humble pie. I also want to know if she apologized to those people on her own or if it was something she was encouraged to do during the reunion taping.

Below Deck Med Stew Hannah Ferrier (who has had her fair share of criticism) commented, “That’s because you can’t win honey! It’s really that simple. So stop trying and concentrate on your family and friends who know you x.”


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