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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Star Jenna MacGillivray Says Madison Stalker “Cried Almost Everyday About Various Things”; Claims Crew Was Bothered By Madison’s Negativity

Madison Stalker and Jenna MacGillivray started the season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht on good terms.  Madison’s professional ability was evident, and Jenna trusted her second stew’s performance.  At some point, maybe due to exhaustion and her unrequited crush on Parker McCown, Madison started to express frustration and negativity towards her work and her boss.

Of course, Jenna didn’t help things by constantly complaining about Madison to her moody counterpart, Adam Glick.  Maybe it was footage slicing, but Jenna seemed to make a beeline for the galley to complain the moment anything happened with Madison or Parker.  The mid-season trailer indicates that the tensions will continue to escalate, maybe even to the point where someone is fired.  Will Jenna and Madison be able to work things out?

Jenna spoke to  Heavy about her relationship with Madison.  Madison’s constant negativity frustrated Jenna.  She explained, “I really do feel like I tried with Madison and maybe it doesn’t seem that way, but I was really frustrated with the fact that you can see in all of our interactions that anything I was telling her to do about the job she rolled her eyes, she mocks the relationship with Adam and me.  She’s really the only crew member that acts that way.”


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“I know that Madison is a good worker and she could be good at her job, but there was so much negativity about her being there that it wasn’t pleasant to work with her,” Jenna continued, “I’m not the only one who felt that way.”

Adam, by proxy of Jenna, also did not want to deal with MadisonGeorgia Grobler was not digging the vibes either during the crew day off.  Maybe there will be other crew members irked by Madison as the season progresses.


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Jenna also questioned the editing and says viewers didn’t get the full picture of her interactions with Madison.  She explained, “watching scenes with Madison is very hard for me to watch because they’re not necessarily showing the full amount of what happened.  She cried almost every day about various things.  It was very dramatic and I found it very tiring.”

It was Jenna’s relationship with Adam that seemed to drive a wedge between her and Madison.  Madison felt uncomfortable in the galley with the constant sexual innuendos. However, maybe she was just frustrated about Parker’s lack of interest in her.


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Either way, Jenna picked up on Madison’s disdain.  She said, “as you can see from the episodes, she’s constantly ripping on the relationship between me and Adam.  She’s telling me I got rejected and really nasty things.  That wasn’t lost on me.  Would you want to work with someone who had these nasty feelings about you?  She was going to everyone in the crew who would listen.”

Jenna claimed that the other crew members were not bothered about her relationship with Adam.   Though it was mentioned that if they split up, it could affect the work onboard.  She said, “but no one was ripping on me like she does.  I never say to her, ‘isn’t it clear you’ve been rejected by Parker?’  I never said those things because it’s rude.”


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Jenna said that some of her efforts to encourage Madison went unnoticed and were not included in the final footage.

“What you see on the show, imagine that times 50 and that’s what I dealt with every day with her and her attitude.  She really didn’t seem to want to be there,” Jenna explained.

Jenna added, “one thing they didn’t show is when we had a conversation where she said she felt like I didn’t value her, I wrote her a long letter of appreciation.”


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It’s interesting that Georgia is getting along with Jenna and progressing in her abilities.  Maybe a positive attitude can make all the difference.


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