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Below Deck Mediterranean Star Aesha Scott Says Joao Franco Bullied Her Every Single Day

Below Deck Mediterranean might be gone for now, but it isn’t forgotten. The crew made it through some difficult charters, considering they began with a chef on loan from Taco Bell. Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier managed to do her best, despite losing one of her staff to the galley for the majority of charter season. Fortunately Hannah was #blessed with a competent associate this time around. Aesha Scott brought her lively spirit and ability to answer her radio on board.

Along with a positive attitude and respectable work ethic, Aesha also brought the funny. Many fans found her actions a bit over the top, and Aesha’s often bawdy expressions raised eyebrows, but Hannah lucked out. If nothing else, Aesha wasn’t Rocky Dakota. João Franco returned for round 2. Viewers remembered João’s previous season, where he leaned towards the idiot smarmy side, seemingly playing two young ladies off each other for attention. He wound up getting the girl, until she unceremoniously dumped him for calmer waters. We thought ‘ole boy João changed his smug ways, as he seemed more focused on his job than the women. Now we are finding out that might not be the case. According to Aesha, the guy didn’t change very much after all…

Hey, did you hear João has recently earned his captain’s license? If we go by what former co-star Aesha has to say, he might be at the helm of the S.S. Misogyny. João’s treatment of the female staff has never won him many points with viewers. Even though this season, Captain Sandy Yawn constantly hugged fawned over him.

From João’s point of view, he was sailing on a sea of Lisa Frank unicorns and rainbows. As bosun, he had a great deal of responsibility and pressure to perform – as far as yachting went, he did well. Unfortunately, João might still need to work on the whole getting along with women thing. For some reason, several times during the season, João felt the need to slut-shame Aesha. He also insulted her intelligence on camera. Viewers wondered if the João who grew weepy at the mention of his ex-girlfriend to Captain Sandy was the same guy who said Aesha looked like a “Russian prostitute”.

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Aesha claimed João took it upon himself to come for her every single day. Bravo’s The Daily Dish shared an excerpt from Watch What Happens Live, where Aesha explained why she blocked Captain Judgement on social media. She said, “I noticed when he was last on Watch What Happens Live when he mentioned like, ‘Oh, I don’t understand why Aesha blocked me. We left such good friends.” Apparently, that was NOT the case.

Aesha explained, “The reality is he [João] bullied me every single day onboard. He never stopped judging me and criticizing me. When we left, you’ll notice on the last episode, I didn’t even hug him goodbye. I was so sick of him treating me like crap. So I don’t know where he gets this from that we left such good friends.” Look, some may feel Aesha’s various displays of personality were inappropriate, the bottom line is João had no business speaking to her that way. As someone in a position of authority on a vessel, his job was to instruct the deck crew – not comment on how the interior looked or carried themselves. Furthermore, a superior should never ever call anyone a Russian hooker. He was out of line several times, especially as a person who held rank.

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Being a manager and keeping your staff in line is great, but execute it in a manner not insulting to others. Aesha also confirmed she no longer speaks to João. She did say he would “do fine” in his new captain role due to his “good work ethic”. When questioned if she would ever work under João in the future, Aesha pretty much laughed at the thought. “Hell to the no! Is that a joke?,” she replied.

At least João can sleep at night knowing he is still perfect in the eyes of Captain Sandy. As far as the rest of the female population, he might need to work on that interesting bedside manner. Hopefully, he can take constructive criticism and use it in an effort to become a great captain, and a better person.

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