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Avery Singer Talks Juggling 3 Men & Rooming With Ramona Singer During Coronavirus Quarantine

The Real Housewives of New York viewers have seen snippets of Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery Singer since she was a little girl. It’s so hard to believe that Avery has graduated college and has entered the workforce all before our eyes. We don’t get to see her too much on RHONY these days, but when we do, she’s always there to give her mom some sage advice.

Even when she was in elementary school, Avery always seemed wise beyond her years. But even so, it’s still so interesting to think that she and Ramona are both out on the dating scene looking for guys. Well, currently, Avery and Ramona are safely isolated in Boca Raton, Florida, spending time with Mario Singer, Ramona’s ex and Avery’s father.

Recently, Avery shared some life updates on an episode of Spilling the Quarantea and her life seems pretty juicy. Avery divulged, “Dating in quarantine is definitely interesting. I feel like everyone kind of has their own approaches to it. I, my personal experience, I happen to be talking, or recently started to go on dates with 3 different guys right before quarantine. It’s all about a small roster. My girls who are listening know about the roster.” Like mother, like daughter, right?

Avery continued, “We joke that I should make a Powerpoint presentation. I have code names for all of them – anyway. Just like dinners – keeping it PG, nothing that bad yet. Right before quarantine, I went out on a couple dates, and everyone kind of went all over the country, and I’ve been FaceTiming a few of these guys. Sometimes if one doesn’t answer, I’ll FaceTime the other, and I’m like ‘Oh, this is so bad.'”


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It gets even more complicated than that though. Avery shared, “And then I’ll realize two of them were friends which is also funny. I don’t think they know they’ve both been talking to me, but I know.” Avery shared, “I think it’s a great time to make those emotional connections, so the guy that I talked to in the past that I’m still talking to, I’ve now become friends with him and even though we have nothing romantic at all, because of the timing, you have that foundation. I feel like we’re in the Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, we can’t touch, but we still have that connection.”

Avery also revealed Ramona’s thoughts on the quarantine dating scene, saying, “My mom actually thinks that a lot of these fuckboys will come out of this and want a girlfriend and settle down.” I don’t know about that. If anything I think it’s gonna be a case of fuckboys gone wild as soon as the lockdown is over.


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Aside from dishing on her dating life, Avery talked about rooming with Ramona, despite having a 3-bedroom apartment. She shared, “We were actually sharing a bed, as well, so we’re hardcore roommates and we’re never going to live this close in quarters. We actually moved into a friend’s apartment that’s also in the same building as my dad so we still have 3 bedrooms here to ourselves but we’re still choosing to sleep in the same bed.”

She also addressed spending so much time with Ramona and Mario years after their divorce. Avery said, “I’ve been living with my dad, who is here in Boca, but it’s a plot twist, because my mom is here, and they’ve been divorced for the past 5 years, so it’s kind of been a silver lining.” She added, “I actually turned 25 the other week and I realized it was my first time celebrating my birthday with both my parents in 8 years.”


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Aside from spending quality time with her parents, Avery has been working during the pandemic. She shared, “We kind of have this great routine where during the day we keep to ourselves and do our own things and then at night we come together. I’m really fortunate – I’m working full-time.”

Some Housewives’ kids end up making a real mess out of their lives. It’s so nice to see that Avery is thriving professionally and personally. Now, we just need to see more of her on the show.


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