Harry Dubin Thinks Tinsley Mortimer Leaked Photo Of Him Making Out With Ramona Singer; Says Tinsley Is “Not Fun” & “Has No Brain Cells”

There’s just something about Harry Dubin. He is somehow connected to pretty much every Real Housewives of New York cast member. Harry was married to Aviva Drescher, of leg-throwing fame. He had a decades-long on-again-off-again thing with Sonja Morgan. Harry has even hooked up with Luann de Lesseps and he’s friends with Lu’s ex-husband Tom D’Agostino. Aviva recently revealed that Harry hooked up with Kelly Bensimon.

And, who can forget that leaked photo of Harry and Ramona Singer making out? Sonja went ballistic when she saw it, hitting her head against the table during last season’s Miami trip. Blaming Tinsley Mortimer has become a go-to tactic for the RHONY ladies, but apparently, that whole fiasco just might be her fault after all. Or at least that’s what Harry theorizes.

Harry dished on that infamous makeout during a recent appearance on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef. Before getting into the incident, he remarked, “I’m totally friends with everybody,” which actually does seem to be true. He pops up every season and he is even a hot topic of conversation when he’s not around.

Harry casually commented, “I saw Ramona two nights ago.” He described Ramona as “a loyal friend.” Harry shared, “She has a really great heart. I like her a lot. She’s a great mother. She was a great wife. She’s a good friend to all of her friends.”


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And it was all super sweet until he got to this gem- “I’ve seen those batty eyes very close up.” He adamantly insisted that they’ve only kissed. Harry recalled, “I mean, we got busted. That was it.” Then, he theorized, “I think Tinsley took the picture to tell you the truth.” He explained that she was there and that they were in a private area of a nightclub. Very suspicious.


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When he was asked, Harry commented, “Ramona’s a great kisser. What do you want me to tell you?”

While he had nothing but praise for Ramona, he threw some major shade after podcast host David Yontef shared his love for Tinsley. Harry commented, “You love her because there’s no brain cells.” When David countered with, “I love her because she’s so fun,” Harry replied, “Fun? She’s not fun at all.”


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He also slammed Tinsley while he dished on his time with Kelly Bensimon. He said he knows her “very well” and confirmed that he has a past with her. Harry elaborated, “I’ve known Kelly for probably 30 years. She dated several of my friends. I hung out with her in Florida. We had a great weekend. Tinsley was there. A lot of drama with Tinsley.” He added, “Tinsley creates her own drama. She’s just a trainwreck. I like her, but she’s a trainwreck.”


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[Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Showtime]