Elyse Slaine Claps Back With Screenshots After Ramona Singer Says She Brings Nothing To Real Housewives Of New York

Real Housewives of New York fans know that Ramona Singer can be (very) harsh, but recently she said what a lot of people have been thinking. Ramona remarked that Elyse Slaine doesn’t bring much to the mix, which is true so far. She also said that Elyse isn’t the best fit for the show. Again, that’s true so far. However, to be fair, we just haven’t seen enough of Elyse to make a full assessment.

But, that’s kind of the point though, isn’t it? We haven’t learned a single thing about Elyse, yet here she is at events with zero introduction and zero backstory. All we know is that she’s listed as “Ramona’s Friend” when she pops up. That seems rather ironic now though. With a friend like Ramona, who needs enemies?

Elyse posted a screenshot from our article (thank you!) in her Instagram Story yesterday. She also shared some screenshots of text conversations she (allegedly) had with Ramona. Ramona praised Elyse as a great addition to the cast, which is the opposite of what she’s said recently.

In one message, Ramona wrote, “OMG the producers loved you tonight!!! and of course so did I. So Wednesday you must come with or without Reinhold you must come.”


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In another conversation, the Ramonster wrote “Hey here filming with only eight people tonight so you’re here you’re in COM you’re one of the eight is great the six of us Jill Zarin and you so come to my home at 6:30 please confirm.” What’s up with the grammar, Ramona? Yikes.

In another message, Ramona wrote, “the show needs you lol.” Does it though? In a different text, she insisted, “They love you.”


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Maybe Elyse brought more to the table than what got shown in the episodes? This “need” just isn’t really translating so far.


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Elyse Slaine Ramona Singer text screenshot


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