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While Meghan Edmonds and her soon-to-be-ex-husband Jim Edmonds never had much of a storyline when she was a cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County, their lives have been so messy in the past year.

Jim was called out for sexting photos to a woman while Meghan was in labor with their twin sons. Meghan accused Jim of having an affair with the nanny. She said Jim stole her credit cards out of her purse. They publicly battled about child custody and child support. Jim caught coronavirus and pneumonia. Jim is in a serious relationship with a woman he and Meghan had a threesome with, Kortnie O’Connor.

Jim shared some praise for his new love Kortnie, but he also didn’t miss an opportunity to shade Meghan with his words. Jim told his Instagram followers, “If it wasn’t for this girl, I don’t think I would be here right now. She showed up in my life just at the right time.”

Was this a specific reference to the threesome? Or did he just mean the time period when they started dating post-Meghan?


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Jim continued, “Amazing that her taking a chance on a plus one weekend to Mexico pulled me out of my hole and changed my life forever. I was in such a dark place; one that I didn’t think could happen to me. I was going through hell ending a loveless and abusive relationship.”

And there’s the Meghan shade! Why couldn’t he just keep to the nice words about his new girlfriend? Why add in the insults as well? The words “abusive” and “loveless” are very extreme. How was Meghan “abusive”?


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He said, “The lies and accusations that followed the breakup only put me deeper into a funk. Along came this beautiful woman by chance, who lit up my world and brought me back to life. I’m very grateful for my amazing friends, children and this amazing woman for making me a better person and father.” A better person? He can only go up from here though, right? It can’t get any worse… Or can it?


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