Stacey & Darcey Silva Get Their Own 90 Day Fiance Spinoff Show

It’s no revelation that Darcey Silva and her sister Stacey Silva are trying to profit off of their twin lifestyle.  They have a clothing line; House of 11.  And Darcey shared her dating life on three seasons of the hit reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.  She documented her romantic journeys, first with Netherlands native Jesse Meester, then with Brit Tom Brooks.  Stacey appeared on the show often enough to come off as thirsty for camera time as well.

Was Darcey really following love or did she play a role to secure a consecutive season?  Judging by the tears, the sobs, and the insecurity, it seems that Darcey’s experience was genuine.  Love her or hate her, she is very entertaining to watch.  TLC seems to agree because Darcey and twin sister Stacey were given a spinoff on the network.  And one of her exes is not too happy about it.

In Touch Weekly revealed the premise for the showDarcey and Stacey will follow the sisters as they navigate their relationships and personal endeavors.  It’s got a bit of a 90 Day Fiance feel to it as Stacey’s fiance Florian Sukaj will be appearing as well.  Stacey will finally wed her Albanian fiance after he was approved for a visa to the USA.

Darcey says that she is, “happy for Stacey.”  And despite the competitive nature of their couples trip to Albania, Darcey insists that, “we both really cheer each other on and want one another to be happy and that we’re in the right type of relationship.  There’s a lot of speculation out there, but I want everyone to know that I will always have her back.”


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After weathering two failed relationships on 90 Day Fiance, Darcey will instead focus on self-improvement and strengthening family bonds.

“I’m really super excited about the new show and very grateful to TLC.” Darcey said, “I’ve had a long journey with relationships and now that I’ve fully concluded my Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks stories, I am finally excited about what the future holds.  I am at a stage in my life where I am happy with my life and I’m staying strong for me and my daughters [Anika and Aspen] and my family.  And I’m so excited to dive deeper into our family life on the new show, past, present, and future.”


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Stacey added, “I can’t wait for audiences to meet my mom, she’s riot.  She’s so cute and she has so much love for everybody.  We all call her Nana, and she’s been so helpful to Darcey and me.”

Unsurprisingly, there is one person from Darcey’s past that refuses to be of good cheer and wish her well.  Ex- Jesse made a public statement on his Instagram questioning TLC’s decision.  Reality TV blogger John Yates shared a screenshot.  It reads, “she only had to use, abuse, and manipulate 5 guys to get what she wanted all along from the network.  Ehtics, tlc?  When lying and manipulating gets rewarded I will speak up.”


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Jesse claims to have supported Darcey financially.  “She still owes me money too, maybe she can finally pay me back now,” Jesse wrote, “been a sugar daddy for her for far too long so she could get help.”

Tom has yet to comment publicly.

Darcey and Stacey premiers August 16th at 10 pm on TLC.


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[Photo Credit: TLC]