90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Jesse Meester Responds to Darcey Silva Recreating Shoe Fight on Podcast

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva go tit for tat again. Or tit for tats, depending on which Silva sister you ask. I don’t think enough can be said about these two, although who were they before they had each other? Despite terminating their relationship months ago, and the season finale reunion having aired last Sunday, Darcey and Jesse are still utilizing their televised romance for the sake of one last positive affirmation hit from their fans.

On Wednesday, Darcey appeared on Bravolebrity Stassi Schroeder‘s podcast, “Straight Up with Stassi,” with her infamous shoe in tow. The Louboutin that, according to Jesse, was aimed for his head but Darcey maintains she threw at his feet. The argument over the intended trajectory of this shoe caused a huge rift between the couple.

Darcey Silva comically recreated the incident on Stassi’s podcast, prompting Jesse to respond, “hey Darcey, what a class act. I see you are still trying to exploit yourself and making domestic violence seem funny and manipulate what happened. What’s new right? While doing so you know the truth comes out just like how the police caught you lying.”

Jesse then implied that Darcey is still trying to communicate with him, “and maybe tell them how the wine ended you on the street yesterday and how you desperately called me crying asking for help and wanting me back? Stop stalking me every other day, stop mentioning me and focus on your self. I feel for anyone who falls for this crap.” (I’m not sure about that. I don’t think a stalker would have enough self-awareness to limit their activity to odd/even days)

In the comment section of his latest Instagram post, Jesse reveals that his eyebrows have made a comeback in big way, and that he is considering legal action against Darcey. He said, “currently she’s stalking me in the middle of the night. I’m glad its not my problem anymore but she still uses my name, defamation and stalks me which might end up in law suit soon”

Darcey didn’t respond to the stalking accusations directly but went for a positive vibe on her Instagram, “i’m sorry for the animosity that my ex boyfriend seems to be experiencing towards me. I’m making every effort to move on with my life and find peace.”


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First off, I want to say you are absolutely incredible! As you might have seen I tried my best to slide into your comments even though I impossibly can’t with all I write this with tears in my eyes as the amount of beautiful messages and responses touch my heart deeply. I love you and I am signing all calendars/beanies myself and will repost when you @ me. – You asked for a much needed ethical conversation about the industry in general. A lot of you are way more engaged than I can ever be and as you know I value you and your sincere insight. This is not targeting anyone or anything but just a general conversation by paraphrasing some of your thoughts and questions. I have to say this as some like to assume quickly. – I’m also trying to get to know you better by understanding your views. You know that as an actor I do all kinds of different stuff and have seen many productions come and go. From commercial, soaps and film. I agree that when you cast someone there should be a thorough psychological review to determine mental stability as well as their intentions. If someone suffers from a certain disorder, addiction, debt or a criminal record and a psychological review determines that a person is still dealing with certain things I believe that person should not be exploited but helped. Do you think a production holds a ethical/moral responsibility just like an employer has for their employees? – I also believe that these days people are willing to go above and beyond ‘just to become famous’. Shouldn’t the meta-question be “what is your why?” To just fulfil your own self-fulfilling needs “ego” or to actually have a purpose in spreading a message of love or inspiration by becoming vurnenable. Like we ALL have to understand our OWN responsibility here. Just like you say, a production of any kind might hold a moral responsibility in regards to casting someone. Wether that is authentic or not is not the question. There should always be a clear understanding of the consequences, good and bad. And to be clear, I do not hate the game. It actually fascinates me and there’s more to come. I understand it and respect it. Whether I agree with everything or not is irrelevant

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