90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Clegg Is Raising Money For A Boob Job

We have finally been treated to another season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. One well known couple has made their way back into the mix. I’m talking about Deavan Clegg and husband Jihoon Lee. We have been following them from the beginning of their relationship and who could forget them? Between their awkward marriage and the birth of their son, we’ve seen it all.

This season, Deavan has officially made the move to South Korea to be with Jihoon. And she dragged her kids and mom (for a few episodes at least) along for the ride. In the latest episode, we saw the forever lazy Jihoon introducing Deavan to their new neighborhood. The one that she pre-paid a months rent to live in. Let’s just say, it wasn’t what she was hoping for. But Deavan is living in another country and jobless, so what’s she gonna do.

Get on the internet and beg for breast implants of course! Despite their money troubles and Jihoon admitting he will have to work nonstop to get by, Deavan has priorities.

Users on Reddit recently found a post made by Deavan, calling for donations to get her a new chest. The post was made on her OnlyFans, a site where reality TV stars who go to die. Ok but seriously, they post “extras” for their fans on the site. And by “extras”, I mean smutty photos of themselves that wouldn’t be social media approved. Fans have to pay for those photos, along with additional content that the stars are willing to cough up. A lot of 90 Day stars are jumping on this bandwagon to get some extra cash.


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Deavan posts, “Everyone asks why I don’t show my chest much.” Pause for me asking, who exactly is “everyone”? Never mind that. She continues, “It’s because I’m insanely self conscious about my breasts after having two kids.”

Deavan goes on, “I’ve been wanting to get a lift and implants for a long time to boost my confidence. So I decided to do a fundraiser. Any donations will get a free photoshoot set at the end of the fundraiser.” No word on whether or not that photoshoot will include her new set of boobs or not.


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She concludes, “I’ll make sure to write down everyone’s name and send them free photos as well as a personal thank you.” In case you were wondering, Deavan has currently raised $125.

I think it goes without saying that after airing all their money troubles on the show, it’s hard to swallow Deavan raising money for something trivial like new boobs. But I guess Deavan’s thinking this will up her OnlyFans game and thus, earn her more money. Hey, someone in that family has to.


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