90 Day Fiance Star Paul Staehle Rants About Karine Staehle Calling Him A “Bad Father” And Spending All Their Money

They just won’t go away. Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle can’t seem to quit the 90 Day Fiance spotlight. Personally, I think (know) it’s for the paycheck since neither of these two seem to have a job yet. When the show started he supposedly worked in tech. I think his full-time job now is simply Cameo and starting crowdfunding campaigns for her personal bank account. After starting on 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Daysand then hopping over to 90 Day Fiance The Other Waythis pair has now landed on the 90-Day Fiance Happily Ever After expansion of this endless programming. Each show is just another delicious flavor of this trash candy empire.

If you follow this series you probably know Paul is always trying to one up his last iconic moment. What used to be a funny scene of him coveting his mother’s hair in a hankie has now become Paul, just this week, casuing a scene in the feminine hygiene aisle of a grocery store. Just loves that weirdo spotlight. Off the show, he is hinting that he and Karine are pregnant again. Prior to that, he claimed Karine was filing for divorce. Let’s not forget the time he promised us he wasn’t coming back to 90-Day Fiance. I wonder what’s in store this time!

Well, Paul took to his Instagram recently to basically bash his wife publicly. John Yates shared the story with screenshots, so it will live on forever. *prayer hands*. Even though Paul never mentions Karine’s name, I think we all know who he’s referring to. It starts out, “Yelling at me in public calling me a horrible father and husband.” I’m going to stop right there. If you are trying to force me to have a tampon conversation on camera in a public setting, I’m def gonna yell at you for whatever other crazy shit you do off-screen.

Paul’s rant continued “We spend every penny we have on bills and designer cloths and video games for you.” Gonna go out on a limb and guess he meant clothes. Where exactly are these clothes? Are you doing crowd-funding for Gucci slides? SHOW ME. He goes on, “I did not buy anything for myself. I made sure you and Pierre had everything you all could possibly want and I bought nothing for myself.”


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Okay, Paul. You bought your infant son Pierre everything he wants. Did he specifically ask for a bulletproof baby carrier? I don’t think that merits any extra credit, or really any credit, but alright.

Then Paul brings in his countryman pride saying “I try to show my family USA History and I get shunned. Because only your country and culture matter I take you to the hospital and stay by your side and make sure your[e] at all your doctors appointments and let you spend all our money only on what you want but I am a Bad Father and Husband you tell in public.” Whew. Still not sure where this money he talks about is coming from…


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Some missing details on Karine’s hospitalization were covered recently by In Touch WeeklyBasically, Karine went to the hospital but Paul assured everyone she is doing well and will be okay. Well…at least until he publicly humiliates her again.

Paul then starts to insult Karine’s mothering saying, “I change every poopy diaper. Even when I am not home you call me to come home just to change his diaper because the mell of poop makes you sick.” (Paul, maybe she’s trying to stay away from you after you shovel cow shit in the fields all day. Just a hunch. Ps – remember when that was his job? The only one we’ve ever seen I think).


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He ends this scattered tirade saying “I also never ever cheated on you. But I understand you want to take Pierre to Tonantins and live because I am such a horrible person.”

I don’t know about you, but reading this rant about the mother of his child who’s never publicly said anything cruel about this man really pings my “good father and husband” radar. You? #FreeKarine


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