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Love After Lockup Recap: Bad At Being Good

Love After Lockup is back, and last week’s episode did not disappoint. The couples are crazier than ever. LIVING FOR IT. The somehow topped themselves finding these messy new relationships. It’s jaw dropping television the entire episode. For example, Jessica and Maurice have been married for nearly five years. However, THEY’VE NEVER EVEN LIVED TOGETHER. Say what???

The most painful to watch this season might be Shawn/Destinie and Scott/Lindsey. Both of these men are setting themselves up to get hurt. Shawn is definitely being misled by this woman he claims to love. The way she keeps bringing up her weight gain is highly suspicious too. But whatever that’s his deal. Scott’s is hard to watch because he seems to genuine.

Jessica & Maurice

Jessica Maurice Love After Lockup

Jessica is looking forward to seeing Maurice for the first time in the outside world. They’ve been married over four years, but this is the first time. WHAT EVEN ARE THESE PEOPLE THIS SEASON?

Maurice got into a bit of trouble, so Jessica hasn’t seen him in over two years. She thinks their relationship may be different when he gets out. YA THINK? It’s going to be such an awkward living situation. I predict a divorce in their future.

Time goes by as Jessica waits, but Maurice is nowhere to be found. She gets really antsy, and things are not looking good. What’s taking so long? It’s been HOURS.

Jessica worries Maurice has been using her for sex the last few years. According to her, before they got married, he was involved with another woman. Not only that, but she sent him money. Jessica could be waiting for someone that doesn’t even want her.

Maurice finally appears, and they’re both thrilled to be together. He actually seems like a really nice and easy going guy. He’s finally out of prison and ready to start his life with her. This could maybe be one of the relationships that lasts on this show. That’s such a rarity.

John & Kristianna

John Love After Lockup

John got a whole ass limo for his surprise wedding. As of now Kristianna is still in the dark about everything. For all John knows, she may turn down the proposal. That would make for an awkward limo ride home.

They have to get to the halfway house ASAP. so the rush is on. He doesn’t have much time to get the wedding into motion. If anything, John is already great television. He has that chaotic energy of Lacey and Michael Simmons. That’s not a compliment though.

In the past John’s chosen women that weren’t a great fit. At the psychotic rate this is going, he might be gearing up for the same result.  Jesus take the wheel with this one. I can’t handle.

The limo driver is all of us watching when he hears about this plan. It’s insane. Totally nuts. Who surprises someone with a limo and impromptu wedding like that? What is he thinking? She could easily turn him down.

John thinks this is the marriage that’ll stick. Possibly. However, she has to say yes first. She doesn’t think they can be in love if they haven’t been together in real life. At least she gets it.

She’s out! She’s just as shocked at the limo as all of us. Kristianna says John is a different kind of guy. He’s different alright. Understatement of the century. I forgot they’ve only known each other for three months. He kneels down at the end of the episode and surprises her with a proposal. SO CRINGE.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Love After Lockup

Only one more day until Quaylon is released from prison. He’s been in jail for all of his adult life, so it’ll be a major adjustment. To me, he shouldn’t have been in prison for that long. It seems a bit excessive given he was a minor at the time.

Shavel’s daughter calls Quaylon her dad, so a bond already exists. A part of Shavel is scared at what’s going to happen. Her mom tells her that she doesn’t want her to be disappointed. Me either. I hate when the young kids are involved because it significantly raises the stakes.

Quaylon’s mother will be accompanying Shavel to the prison for his release. Hopefully they can get along. So many times the mother of the inmate hates the person they love.

He says transitioning back into society will be the hardest part of him getting released. So much about the world as changed. That’s quite a shock to the system. Things change so fast nowadays also. That could get so overwhelming and lead him back into criminal ways.

Shavel’s picking up his mom, and they’ve never met before. They each think Quaylon is coming home to live with them. Oof. Where is he actually going to end up? I don’t think even Quaylon himself knows the answer to that yet.

So far so good when the two of them meet. Everyone’s in good spirits, and there’s no underlying tension. How long do we think that’ll last?

ANNNNND THAT JUST WENT OUT THE WINDOW. Shavel brings up that Quaylon is moving to Kansas City, and his mom is totally caught off guard. His mom doesn’t want him to get out and reconnect with bad influences. That’s very understandable.

They both realize that Quaylon lied to one of them. He’s going to be on the receiving end of a confrontation from both when he gets out. What was he thinking? Obviously they were going to talk to each other eventually.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Love After Lockup

It’s release day for Lindsey, and Scott’s so excited to see her. This poor older gentleman really think this woman wants him. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they never meet. Lindsey allegedly wants to marry Scott, but it ain’t for love.

Scott spent $1,200 on a top of the line phone for Lindsey. This woman literally screams GOLD DIGGER. How can he not see what’s right in front of him? Mind boggling.

Scott is naive and doesn’t think she’s a trouble maker at all. In fact, he thinks trouble finds her because she’s attractive. What. Seriously what kind of logic is that? Makes no sense at all. Lindsey on the other hand says she’s bad at being good.

It turns out Scott has a great relationship with Lindsey’s mother and young daughter. It’s to the extent that he’s taken the young girl school clothes shopping. This guy is in so deep with this toxic mess. Under no circumstance does he think this is a scam. HOW DOES HE NOT SEE IT?

My stress level’s going through the roof watching Scott. I want to shake my TV so badly. RUN AWAY MAN. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Scott is such a decent person. My heart is breaking for him and Lindsey’s daughter already. There’s almost no chance this is going to end well. Everyone’s going to get their life destroyed when she gets out. You can feel it.

Lindsey quit college to sell meth because of the money she was making. She didn’t understand why she’d stay in school when she could make such fast cash. Sure, that was a great plan in the moment. However, look at the end result. She’s been in prison for most of her daughter’s life.

A few years ago Scott’s son was killed in a car accident, and things are becoming clearer. This is his way of having a second chance at a family. I have chills even typing this. If Lindsey breaks his heart, I don’t know if he can handle it.

Shawn & Destinie

Shawn Love After Lockup

Thanks to Shawn, Destinie is getting out of prison the following day. The $5,000 he spent isn’t refundable, but that’s not even the worse. If she runs and doesn’t show up to court, he’s out $50,000. She might cost this man everything.

Shawn’s ex and kids don’t know that he’s dating anyone. This is a hurdle that he might not be able to jump over. Shawn informs his ex Kelly that Destinie’s getting out of prison and moving in with him. She brings up many valid points about this. She says he could be getting played or start using again.

Kelly is pissed that Shawn’s spending money on this prison girl and not their kids. I get that he loves her, but Kelly has such a point. She’s so jealous, but she’s also protective of the kids.

Shawn is actually breaking this news to his daughter in a random Plato’s Closet. She ends up crying wondering why he’s moving so fast with Destinie. My heart goes out to her. She feels like he’s trying to start a new family. Just awful.


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