Crystal Kung Minkoff Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Leather Pants

Crystal Kung Minkoff & Sutton Stracke. That’s it. Period. These two are carrying this season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. It doesn’t even matter how petty it is. They’re giving us classic Housewives squabbles over nonsense, and that’s what has been missing for years. One argument spirals into another, and it becomes a never ending feud. No matter which side you find yourself on, you can’t deny they’re carrying it all.

Hopefully on this all new episode, some new developments emerge regarding Erika Jayne’s divorce. She’s divulging more than we ever expected her to, but there are so many lingering questions. The more she reveals, the more off the wall the marriage seems. It’s starting to sound like she was never truly happy in her role as Tom Girardi’s wife. However, one has to wonder if there is much more to this divorce than currently meets the eye.

Erika Jayne Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Things kick off with a flash forward to an upcoming fight between Crystal & Sutton. Before we see what leads us to this moment we have to watch Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin grocery shop. Riveting s**t. Please tell me Lisa’s major story line this season isn’t actually her husband’s gardening? Is that all she has for us?

Despite how boring her solo scenes are, it’s nice to get to see her home life a bit more. Even though I made jokes, it sounds like Lisa has more going on this season in her life than ever before. She’s launching a new company, we’re seeing scenes with Harry, and Amelia Gray is back front and center. She’s honestly GIVING this season.

Crystal & Erika meet up for a round of tennis at Kathy Hilton’s private court. Kathy is so rich. We’re talking money out the assh**e. Yet somehow, she seems more down to earth than most of the other women. She is everything you’d want in a Housewife. If only she’d be willing to film full-time.

So tennis is not Erika’s forte. Being transparent about her life isn’t her forte either. It seems like the only things that are in Erika’s wheelhouse are smoke and mirrors.

After a round of tennis, the ladies head inside to chat with Kathy. She gives Erika many words of encouragement about her new lifestyle sans Tom. She discusses the lack of full independence she had throughout her marriage. On the surface it looked like she had it all, but everything wasn’t like it seemed. It sounds like she was a prisoner of sorts in her own life.

Erika’s living a simpler life since splitting from Tom. You can tell she’s affected by it though, but she won’t let anyone see that. The most vulnerable moments about her divorce are discussed in interviews. She’s still giving the women somewhat of her classic stoic ice queen energy.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kathy stops by Kyle Richards’ house, and once again she is GIVING US IT. She starts pulling out almost everything you could possibly imagine out of her purse. I was waiting for her to pull out a full sized vacuum or some other sort of wild s**t.

Kathy recently spoke to Kim Richards for three hours, but Kyle hasn’t heard back. Kim changed her number and never gave it to Kyle. She and Kyle aren’t speaking right once again. Why can’t these two stay on good terms? It’s almost impossible for them to remain on the same page.

Kim’s been by herself every single day throughout the pandemic. For someone who struggles with addiction, that is a dangerous position to find herself in. She’s taking it relatively well, but still. Kyle should make an attempt to mend the relationship so Kim has another ally.

Lisa drops by Erika’s new pad, and she’s in love. I know Lisa’s been friends with Garcelle Beauvais for two decades, but she seems way closer to Erika. Length of a friendship has no bearing on the closeness. These two actually come across like tight girlfriends, and Erika needs that right now. She needs someone who is going to be there for her in her darkest hour.

We know that Sutton & Erika have an epic feud this season, but so far they seem close. She also drops by Erika’s with a gift, and so far she’s a loyal and supportive friend. I wonder when things begin to change between the two. The trailer made it look NASTY between them.

Erika discusses how Tom never cared about her mental health struggles. In his eyes, there was nothing about her life to be depressed about. What an ass backwards way of thinking. Money does NOT solve everything. In fact, money can make you more stressed and make s**t worse. Some of the richest people in the world take their own lives. Shame on Tom for that dismissive mentality.

Sutton doesn’t want to talk about the insinuation that she is a peeping Tom. This conversation with Crystal is going in circles, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending soon. Lisa’s dinner is coming up quick, and it’s sure to continue there as well. The one thing about it that keeps it fresh is for the most part it’s always a different issue. There’s almost no topic where these two ladies agree on anything.

Garcelle Beauvais Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Garcelle’s solo scenes always feel so damn wholesome. She comes off as a remarkable mother who is majorly dedicated to her children. However, the wig she’s wearing in this scene is NOT it. Whatever the f**k crawled on top of her head and died needs to be discard ASAP. That’s not a wig you should wear again. Ever.

Being trapped during the pandemic with two teenage boys is stressing her out. The raging hormones are a lot to take in. Her son Jaid is NOT about his mother right now. She’s raising them to express their emotions, but it’s hard not to take it personally. She’s doing the best she can though. It’s rough!

Garcelle wanted to have a birthday party this year, but due to COVID they couldn’t do it. She’s still trying to repair their friendship, but she’s aware they might not remain friends. There’s so much that could happen though. It’s difficult to tell the end direction this is going to go in. It’s very much up in the air right now.

Does anyone else find Dorit Kemsley to be incredibly irrelevant this season? However, it might be picking up for her soon because of her wedding dress designing. She’s collaborating with a designer to create a line of wedding dresses which is out of her element. Hopefully it’s more like her beachwear line and not that hideous Capri Room at the Great Value Olive Garden.

When Kyle & Dorit show up to Lisa’s, Harry throws her under the bus right away. He tells them right away that Lisa did absolutely nothing to prepare for this meal. SAVAGE.

I actually don’t mind Crystal’s leather pants. I know Sutton is going to call them ugly any moment, but they aren’t that bad. HOW IS SHE GOING TO CALL SOMEONE ELSE’S OUTFIT UGLY WEARING HER WEIRD JUNGLE

The second Sutton arrives, Kathy brings up her peeping Tom nickname. Oh okay. We aren’t wasting time diving back into the drama. This is happening right out of the gate. Hopefully they get to taste some of Harry’s bolognese first. It would be a shame of that Italian deliciousness went to waste.

Harry Hamlin Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sutton’s ready for these names to end. Enough is enough with the playing around about these violation allegations. I don’t know why they continue to bring it up because it never goes anywhere. They keep going in circles over this because neither woman wants to budge on their viewpoint.

Everyone LOVES Harry’s cooking, but that’s not the tea. What everyone cares about is the details regarding Amelia & Scott Disick. Everyone’s so mortified about this, but not Erika. She’s lived and breathed the younger woman older man lifestyle for most of her life.

The age difference is bothering Harry, but he can’t judge too much. He’s had an age gap relationship in his own personal life. I’d be more concerned that it’s Scott F**king Disick. I mean, COME ON.

All of the sudden, Harry reemerges with a cake for Garcelle. She wishes for someone who is hung like a horse. Kathy (the most naive comedian of all time) says she didn’t know Garcelle liked horseback riding. Oh Kathy. Let’s have a chat down the line. I’ll explain everything.

Garcelle appreciates the effort put in by Lisa. There might be hope for this strained friendship after all. Sutton ruins the moment though because she didn’t bring a present for Garcelle. She claims she didn’t know they were doing presents, but a flashback proved otherwise. Get ready for another Sutton meltdown!

Sutton quietly tells Kyle she doesn’t want to be there anymore. She doesn’t like being where she doesn’t like people. Here we go again! Another event that Sutton can have a freak out and be the crying center of attention. Come on Sutton, you had your fun, now let the mouse go.

Sutton Stracke Sutton StraReal Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Kyle takes her away from the rest of the group, so they can talk. Kyle’s been really good this season at trying to make sense to Sutton. However, Sutton doesn’t want to look at Crystal’s face anymore. She’s reached a breaking point. It’s still too weird for her.

I f**king love Lisa. She is so damn messy. She saw Kyle & Sutton by the bar having their moment, so naturally she moved the group to there. Now THAT is how you move s**t along.

Garcelle tries to talk some sense into her BFF. Good luck with that. Crystal agrees to let Sutton speak her mind. However, she will never give Sutton an apology. That’s not happening. Not now. Not ever.

Crystal says Sutton is upset with her because she is jealous. Period. Sutton storms away saying “f**k you Crystal” and says “jealous of what? Your ugly leather pants?”. Crystal walking in the distance while smirking is so f**king hilarious. She can stand there and do literally nothing and get Sutton so riled up.


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