90 Day Fiance Star Colt Johnson Says Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s Boyfriend Eric Nichols Ghosted Him

Oh, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? where would we be without you? Sunday nights are filled with plenty of drama now that the show is back and in full swing. But there isn’t just drama, there is confusion. Because who can keep up with the perils of this cast? It’s filled with back and forth, only to be magnified by buzz on social media.

One couple I can never seem to keep up with is Colt Johnson and ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima. For one, the two of them went back and forth for the longest on their toxic relationship. Once they finally did part, Larissa moved on to another toxic relationship with unknown Eric Nichols. Much like her relationship with Colt, they make up and break up over and over. As far as we know, they are still together at this moment, with Larissa plugging Eric’s OnlyFans account on her social media. Eeek.

But in baffling attempt to stay relevant play nice, Colt and Eric tried to strike up a truce of some sorts, even attempting to become friends. Too bad it didn’t last long.

Colt recently told Us Weekly that Eric ghosted him before the friendship really got off the ground. Colt says, “I think he blocked me. He really wanted to be my friend a lot. He kept texting me every day. I was busy, and then he eventually blocked me and ghosted me. I felt like we could kind of have this like friendship blooming, but I wasn’t really interested and he took that very personal.” So which is it? You wanted to be friends with him or he was chasing you and you didn’t have time? Make it make sense, Colt.


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Colt continues, “If Larissa’s happy and Eric makes her happy? That’s great. I root the best for them, especially right now. I’m sure they get a lot of haters. A lot of people trying to tear them apart. I remember that. I was part of that. So I just want the best for her at the end of the day.”

Despite all the drama with Eric, Colt says he and Larissa are still in touch. “She called me a few weeks ago from a fake number, trying to get something from me. She doesn’t trust me very well. But we just started arguing because she didn’t trust me with her phone number for some reason. I’m like, ‘Just treat me like an adult. Like, I’m your ex-husband. I’m fine being sociable with you.’ But we just had a fight and she hung up.” Doesn’t sound very promising to me.


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But Colt maintains that it’s complicated, explaining, “We never had closure. But at this point, I’m so far removed from Larissa. Like, I don’t even know what to say to her. … I have no beef with her if she wants to sit down and have tea or whatever.”


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I wouldn’t hold my breath….unless cameras are involved.


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