90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

If anyone thought that an elderly woman with a cane couldn’t be gangster, they don’t know Debbie Johnson. Don’t ever underestimate the love of a parent. Especially a parent who thinks a woman is trying to steal her husband son. In last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, she pulled off a move that is best described as revenge with a side of shade. Whew, the drama!

Colt Johnson is caught red-handed in a lie. Things get heated between Elizabeth Potthast Castravet‘s family and Andrei Castravet. Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Nichols spiral into chaos. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa endure a travel day from hell. Angela Deem finally comes clean to Michael Ilesanmi . Syngin Colchester is overjoyed to see his famly. Let’s get straight into the 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After recap!

Colt (Las Vegas, Nevada) & his mom Debbie ex-wife Larissa (Brazil)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

Larissa finds out that not only is Eric-E cheap, but he is also a little gossip. The guy has told anyone in Vegas that would listen, everything he hates about her. Sadly, one of those people includes her ex-husband, Colt. Can you imagine those two weirdos comparing sex notes about Larissa? Actually I can, they both look like the type to think that is normal. After some prodding from producers, she decides to confront Eric about her grievances in true Larissa style. Before he knew what hit him, she was screaming and barreling towards him like a bull in a china shop. Instead of being apologetic, he matches her ire. In his mind, anything that happened when they weren’t together is irrelevant. Things get so heated the two have a standoff where Larissa dares him to call the police. If you know you have more to lose in a fight, just walk away. No way would I have survived a life with sex and cat obsessed Colt, only to let this twerp be the one to get me deported.

Well, Larissa is homeless, yet again. After an explosive argument with Eric, she runs straight to her ex-roommate, Carmen’s house. After telling her all of the sordid details, Carmen just can’t wait to say, I told you so. Just when we thought things couldn’t get more dramatic, Eric’s roommate, David calls Larissa. Apparently, before she left she took a parting gift, Eric’s phone. David warns her that Eric may call the police, if the phone isn’t returned. Oh, Larissa, are you really that petty?  It’s like she can’t help, but be a drama magnet. Larissa claims she had every right to take the phone because it was only a loan to him.  The one thing that doesn’t make sense is he still had that same phone after they broke up. If that’s true, I highly doubt Larissa was paying his phone bill. So in that case, Larissa you know you can’t take a phone that has another’s person private information and service. If it was that serious, he could have paid you what your used phone is worth.  But I guess she is determined to go back to court, sooner rather than later.

Colt and Debbie stop by Jess Caroline’s family’s house to say goodbye. Debbie is shocked when Jess is all smiles and presents her with a gift.  Honey, a pair of dollar store flip flops is not going to make Debbie forget about that dinner from hell. Colt on the other hand is perfectly fine with his woman cursing out his mother. In fact, he pulls her dad aside to ask for Jess’ hand in marriage. SMH!  This guy is just dying to have a repeat of his last marriage. Once they leave, Debbie becomes suspicious when Jess lets it slip that she won’t see her family for quite some time. Given that Jess’ student visa is supposed to expire in 6 months, she must intend to find a new way to stay in the states. It doesn’t take a blind man to see that Jess has sunk her claws into Colt and intends to marry him.


90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

The next stop on the trip is Sao Paulo. This time Colt actually had the common sense to get two separate rooms. Thank goodness! As soon as Debbie gets in her room her evil doppelganger comes out to play. She immediately calls Colt’s friend, Vanessa to share all the details of the trip. Vanessa is the woman that Colt told Jess that he no longer is friends with. Debbie happily opens the door when Colt and Jess come to invite her to go out on the town with them.  Debbie’s plan is in full swing when she casually asks Jess does she want to see the cat video Vanessa just sent her. Boom! That ladies and gentleman is the art of sabotage. Well played, ma’am well played. This older unsuspecting woman managed to not only get revenge, but plant seeds of doubt in Colt’s head, all while hitting Jess where it hurts. Of course, Jess is pissed that Colt has been lying to her all this time. When Jess questions Colt, Debbie uses that opportunity to point out that she seems to have jealously and has trust issues. Colt emphatically agrees with his mother as if he is now somehow the victim. LMAO, I can’t even make this shit up! Jess storms out of the room when she realizes she is outnumbered.  Jess, if you thought Debbie was going to let you disrespect her and steal her man child, you are crazy. Larissa tried to warn you!

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

Elizabeth (Tampa, FL) & Andrei (Moldova)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

The morning after Elizabeth decided to take back her power back, Andrei is in full diva mode. He even dares to say the only reason she wasn’t on his side at dinner was because she was drunk.  Umm, she only had one glass of wine. Sigh! Elizabeth may have been fine with Andrei staying home with their baby initially, but now wants him to work. Rather than face facts, he demands that she retract her statements to her family. At this point it’s clear Andrei has no intention of doing anything, but benefiting from his wife and her family’s hard work. Elizabeth is right, why not have a two income household, if her mother doesn’t mind watching the baby during the day. Andrei, your days of being a stay at home dad may be numbered.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

Andrei and Elizabeth’s families go to a restaurant for dinner. Very quickly, her family becomes more interested in the conversation, than the food. As they continue to question Andrei’s past, he becomes more and more irritated. Tensions flare when Elizabeth’s brother insinuates that he may have wanted a green card. Does anyone else find it strange the great lengths Andrei is going to hide his past? I don’t understand why it’s such a big secret. Andrei, you are only making your in laws want to dig further into the truth, when you continue to act suspicious. The evening ends with Andrei and Elizabeth’s brother about to tear each other’s heads off. Well, I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming. In fact, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Does anyone else find it strange the great lengths Andrei is going to hide his past? I don’t understand why it’s such a big secret. Andrei, you are only making your in laws want to dig further into the truth, when you continue to act suspicious.


Kalani (Orange County, CA) and Asuelu (Samoa)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

Kalani is on the verge of panic attack when Asuelu takes her to buy gifts for his family at a local Samoan store. This place is expensive! It might as well be a gift shop in a swanky hotel in Samoa based on the prices. No way in hell would I pay $41 for those basic t-shirts? Asuelu shopping is the equivalent of an adult trying to wrangle a child that wants everything, but has no understanding of money. His eyes are literally bigger than his wallet. As he searches the store for the perfect item, he just begins to pick up everything no matter the price. In the end they end up buying $200 worth of gifts. One would think that would be enough. Oh no, Asuelu is under the impression that he still needs to give his mother a $1,000 as well. It takes quite some time for Kalani to make him understand they won’t be able to pay their bills, if they give that money away. I honestly feel bad for Asuelu. He just wants a close relationship with his family like his wife.  Sadly, he believes that he has to give money to establish that bond. Kalani doesn’t agree with the concept of buying your family’s love, but agrees to give $100 in addition to the gifts. I don’t see this going well. $100 is a far cry, from a $1,000. But they will have to get over it, Asuelu only works part time and has a family.

Kalani and Asuelu finally arrive to Portland after a long day of travelling. Things get off to a rough start when Asuelu wants to go to his family’s house immediately. Kalani suggests they go to their Airbnb for the night and sync up with his family in the morning.  It’s late, everyone is tired and the poor baby is screaming in the backseat. Asuelu immediately becomes frustrated and angry.  I understand not wanting to let your family down, if they did things to prepare for your arrival that night. Instead of getting upset, Asuelu could have just dropped his off family and stopped by to see his family and explain the situation. I don’t know how Kalani is still married. Asuelu would make me feel like I was in a relationship with a child. It’s like he has no concept of what it is to be an adult.

Angela (Hazlehurst, Georgia) and Michael (Nigeria)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

Angela finally comes clean about her health concerns to Michael. After a recent doctor’s appointment, she recently found out there is a possibility she could have cancer and not be able to have a baby. When she begins explaining menopause, bleeding and a uterus Michael is so confused his head is about to explode. It is not until she reveals that she could possibly have cancer that he fully understands the gravity of the situation. Angela admits she is concerned that Michael will have a child with another woman, if she can’t. When Michael confesses that it would be difficult for him not to be a father, Angela is furious. Although he hasn’t had any time to process the news, she expects his full allegiance. In fact, she attempts to manipulate him by saying they shouldn’t get married, if that is how he feels. Wow, this is a difficult situation. Personally, I appreciate that Michael was honest. He hasn’t made it a secret that he wants to have children one day. Unfortunately, Angela’s age and health may prevent that from happening.

Angela’s doctor video calls to give her and Michael the test results. Despite the doctor’s grim suspicions, Angela is cancer free. But the doctor warns that there is still a lot of risk associated with her having a baby at her age. Angela uses this opportunity, to ask Michael if having a baby is worth putting her health at risk. This position isn’t exactly fair.  Angela knew her fiance’s expectations, before she agreed to marry him. Neither Michael nor his family ever made their wishes a secret. Honestly, after all Michael has been made to endure he deserves to have children and a green card with a nice woman who doesn’t scream like a banshee.


Paul (Louisville, Kentucky) & Karine (Brazil)

 90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

Paul Staehle asks his mother to meet him at a pet store to get her advice. Given her tough love approach, I don’t see this going well. Paul still can’t manage to get a job because of his criminal history. Karine is miserable because life in the U.S. isn’t what she thought it would be. His mom doesn’t hesitate to give him a dose of reality. She reminds Paul that he wasn’t ready to get married or have a baby. She also adds that she can understand Karine’s frustration because she is married to a dead beat. As harsh as that sounds, it’s so true! I’m beginning to like Paul’s mom more and more. This woman doesn’t pull any punches, which is exactly what Paul needs at this point in his life.


Tania (Colchester, Connecticut) and Syngin (South Africa)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

Syngin and Tania are on their way to see his family. While in the car, Syngin excitedly talks about all of the things he is looking forward to doing in South Africa. One of the things he mentions is having a few drinks. Immediately, Tania uses this opportunity to nag him about something that hasn’t even happened yet. She acts like he said he planned to go home just to get drunk. WTH… She literally turned a happy moment into something tense unnecessarily.  Syngin is beyond frustrated by his wife’s control issues and begins to wonder if he made the right decision asking her to come. This man has moved to another country, lived in a shed, and dealt with overbearing injured wife for quite some time. If he wants to go have drinks with friends one night, who cares? Unless he is hiding some secret drunk behavior, I don’t understand why this keeps coming up. Honestly, Tania would drive me to drink everyday with her constant whining.

I’m sorry, but Tania is annoying! The scene of her drinking a beverage and moaning between each gulp, just provided more evidence. Syngin has to have the patience of a saint to deal with her. Instead of becoming annoyed that he is literally waiting by the door with all of their bags to go the airport during this ridiculous display, he just waits tolerantly. Once they arrive in South Africa, they are met by Syngin’s mother and sister. In a post interview, Syngin’s mother admits she is concerned about her son and his marriage based on things he has told her. If that’s the case, she definitely doesn’t want to see this season.

Syngin spends the day with just his mother and sister. While out, his mother inquires more about his marriage. He admits that he doesn’t believe he is ready to be the person Tania wants him to be.  At this point, he is confused and wonders if they are wasting each other’s time. I don’t think Tania is as mature as she pretends to be either. It seems like she is more in love with the idea of a husband, than the man himself.





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