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For those of you watching Real Housewives of New York, you know that the “Ramona-coaster” is in full swing. That’s right – Ramona Singer is officially ready to rumble with anyone standing in her way. And her main target seems to be newbie, Leah McSweeney. Despite them getting off to a decent start, things quickly grew frosty between the two. Ramona just can’t seem to get over mothering Leah and won’t accept her for who she is. Well, in fairness, who Leah is is a lot. But Ramona could take it down a notch.

The last few episodes of RHONY have showed Ramona’s unwillingness to bend on what she would deem “high society” behavior. But at this point, it’s seeming more like “old puritan” behavior. Ramona should know that sometimes when people are drinking, they get a little rowdy. Especially with this bunch! You mean to tell me that one of her 50 closest friends hasn’t had a lapse in judgment when slinging back cocktails? Seems to me that Ramona is just trying to control the situation. Case in point, Ramona trying to cut the cameras when Leah was grinding on Luann de Lesseps at her birthday party.

Now I will admit, Leah shouldn’t have thrown tiki torches and trashed Ramona’s back yard. She also shouldn’t have claimed that Ramona poops during sex in a now-famous Cameo that Elyse Slaine made for a fan. But Ramona is being so over the top buttoned up, that it’s hard not to side with the other who are just trying to have a good time. Isn’t that what the whole show is about?

With all that said, Ramona is making sure that her feelings on the casts’ drinking are well known. A recent Instagram comment from Ramona’s account, captured by Comments By Bravo, shows just how annoyed Ramona is by the whole thing.


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When a fan commented on Ramona’s account, “You seem to be the only one without a drinking problem”, Ramona had a curt response locked and loaded. Ramona replied, “appears that way.”

Fans weren’t so ready to take her side though. One commented, “She has problems, not just alcohol related….” Another said, “She’s got enough other problems.” Even better, one commenter brought up Ramona’s past shenanigans, saying, “Can we talk about turtle time for a min.”


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It’s true, Ramona doesn’t have a lot of credibility when it comes to the topic. Just because she’s decided to chill out this season, it doesn’t give her the right to police everyone else. And she does seem really uptight about everything this season. Does this mean she’s nearing the end of her housewives rope? I would drink to that.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]