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Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Sheer Madness

This has to be the most alcohol fueled season of The Real Housewives of New York ever. Hands down. We know these women love to drink, but this season is off the rails. Bethenny Frankel leaving the show did SOMETHING to this group. They’re totally insane. At first it looked like Leah McSweeney could be that force, but she’s fallen in line with the mess. Someone help these women!

Ramona’s birthday is front and center on this episode, and things look crazy! I cannot wait for her fourth wall breaking moment at the party. Apparently, she’s not fond of everyone’s out of control behavior. Normally I’d say Ramona is overreacting. However, this season it wouldn’t surprise me if they took things too far. After all, we wouldn’t want to embarrass Ramona in front of her fifty best girlfriends!

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona takes Leah on a tour of her birthday party and tells Leah to cover her tits. You can tell that Leah isn’t Ramona’s cup of tea at all. They’re polar opposites. Ramona says she’d normally have Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley for this, but they’ve had issues.

To be fair Ramona, you definitely used them to get free stuff, but okay. Leah says the people attending Ramona’s party likely resemble women at a MAGA rally. YES LEAH!! SO MUCH THAT! Ramona is undoubtedly the type to be surrounded by supporters of HIM.

Luann de Lesseps is speaking to former inmates about her experience with the law. Do you guys remember when she spoke to the young kids and insulted that girl’s weight? Hopefully this goes better than that. Luann isn’t the type I would take advice from on being humble and rebuilding my life. I wonder if she’ll invite any of them to her cabaret show.

Luann breaks down listening to their stories about their lives. I’m not sure how genuine it is because we all know she turns it on for the cameras. She finally introduces herself and ends up crying even more. I honestly will never get over Luann attacking a police officer and threatening to kill him. When I woke up to that news, I almost s**t my pants. Sorry Ramona. There’s nothing wrong with sh***ing yourself.

A few of the former prisoners sign up to do a spa day courtesy of Luann. All jokes aside, it’s nice to see her giving back in this way. It’s probably really motivating for people to see someone like Luann in a position of success and thriving. It shows them that they can rebuild and reclaim their lives.

Mario Singer Avery Singer Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

It’s so refreshing to see Ramona and Mario Singer in such a great place. After their divorce, I am surprised their able to be so civil. Mario’s in town and meets up with Ramona and Avery Singer for dinner. They shared so many wonderful years together, and Ramona was willing to let the drama go.

EVEN AVERY KNOWS RAMONA DOESN’T TALK TO 50 WOMEN. Nobody has 50 close friends. That’s not a thing at all. Ramona is delusional if she thinks all of those women are her tight friends. If anything, Ramona wants as many friends as possible because she’s the biggest social climber ever. I just love that Avery calls BS on that.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

We are back to the Russian Spa. Leah fills in her sister on her Berkshires experience. It really wasn’t that bad for Leah. If anything, she had the tamest time there. Everyone else lose their mind and went bats**t crazy. Would you guys mind seeing Leah’s sister on the show? She seems like she’d do well in this group. Although, I wouldn’t want the show to come in between her and her sister’s great relationship.

Leah wants to fix her relationship with her mother and at least try. She was willing to do that at least until her sister dropped a little bomb. Her sister told her that her mom doesn’t really like them. What?? Her apology to her mother is now off the table. What a lovely family dynamic. Maybe I do want her sister on the show.

I wouldn’t mind partying with this group. I worry I wouldn’t be able to really keep up though because they are professionals. The way they bounce back after a night of wild partying is so astounding to watch.  How fun would it be to have a crazy night out with this ladies?

Dorinda Medley Real Housewives Of New York

Sonja’s stressed because her bills are piling up. It’s costing her $50,000 a month to deal with her townhouse. How has she not let this home go yet? To make matters worse, Sonja’s in the press getting kicked out of a gay bar. This woman needs an intervention ASAP. Her entire life needs to be overhauled.

A lot of what Sonja says comes off delusional, and it pains me to say that. It truly does. She seems like a lovely woman. However, getting ejected from a bar in a public way should be a wake up call. At the same time, why are Elyse Slaine, Dorinda, and Leah having a convo about this behind her back? Why aren’t they expressing their concerns to her directly? THAT would be a lot better.

They discuss Ramona’s weird obsession with what Leah might wear to her party. Why is she worried about it? Leah’s right when she says Ramona has fifty other friends there to worry about. She’d really freak if Dorinda showed up to the party in the outfit pictured above. It’d give her a real reason to “shut it down”.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona’s party is officially underway. She told all of her guests to come in black, but she’s wearing pink. It’s already your birthday. How much attention do you need? Girl bye.

She’s just SO OBSESSED WITH HERSELF. Sonja and Luann talk on the car ride over about how Sonja was snubbed from the list last year. That was so disgusting. Ramona blatantly lied about not inviting Sonja. She doesn’t respect how much these women care about her. None of those party friends are her real friends.

The way the editors counted all 50 of her girlfriends is the cinematic moment of our time. Someone submit that for Emmy consideration. I CANNOT STOP SCREAMING EVERY TIME THE LITTLE BELL RINGS WHEN A NEW FRIEND ARRIVES. They are doing Ramona so dirty with this. LOVING IT.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Sonja dares to be different and decides not to wear black to the party. Thank god. It was looking like a funeral in there with Ramona standing out like a wasted flamingo. Ramona goes on and on about how blessed she is. “All” of the women in the room are super special to her life.

I’m sure Ramona’s going to give a speech. If there is a god or higher power, please allow Dorinda to heckle during it. I don’t care what she says, but I need it. Ramona is so full of it. Dorinda will do it. Although Sonja has some issues with Ramona right now. Perhaps she’ll be the one to embarrass her.

Leah felt a little snubbed by Ramona at the party. Eventually she goes over to her, but Ramona keeps talking about her outfit. She says that it’s acceptable because there aren’t any men there. Why is she so judgmental? Worry about your own self.

Luann De Lesseps Ramona Singer Leah McSweeney Sonja Morgan Elyse Slaine Dorinda Medley Real Housewives Of New York

HERE WE AGO. Ramona’s speech is happening. She thanks everyone for coming and then goes on the longest tangent ever. She credits all of the women in the room for why she loves herself. ANNNNNNNND here come the tears. Someone take the mic.

Dorinda pulls Sonja aside to check on her which warms my heart. I’m glad that she’s able to have this conversation to Sonja’s face. She seems like she’s coming from a genuine place. I agree when Dorinda says that Sonja is withholding something from the group. Her tears don’t match what she’s saying, but eventually she might feel comfortable to open up.

Ramona comes over to talk about something party related, but everyone cuts her off. Sonja says they’re talking about real issues, not superficial s**t. Can Ramona even get beyond surface level? None of her friendships seem that deep. It’s all surface level social acquaintance type crap.

Leah is annoyed’ with Sonja making it all about herself and wants to let Ramona have her moment. However, once the dancing begins, things take a turn. Leah starts grinding on Luann and was joking with the women, and Ramona is so triggered.

Here we ago. Ramona flips out and asks for the producers because of Leah’s dancing. It gets even worse when Sonja starts stomping on a mirror. RAMONA JUST THREATENED TO QUIT THE SHOW. PLEASE DO. WALK AWAY. I know it’s her party, but she’s making it worse by throwing this tantrum.


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