Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, the couples have returned from honeymoon in Mexico. They will each get the chance to visit their spouse’s New Orleans homes. Then it’s time to move in together into a new space. This year the cast will all stay at the same building, in individual apartments.

It doesn’t take long for reality to set in. Karen admits to having lingering issues from her past relationships. Olivia and Brett butt heads about finances. Amani asserts her independence. Henry confesses how he truly feels about Christina. Things always get interesting on Married At First Sight when the couples move in together. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over

Amelia lives in a large expensive home, but with four roommates. Bennett is quite intimidated when he sees the way his wife lives in comparison to him. Personally, I don’t see why. She may have a larger home, but she has several people living there that share expenses. I’d rather live alone in a small home, than to deal with several personalities that don’t belong to my family.

Bennett takes Amelia to the tiny home he built himself just a few years ago.  Despite the stark difference from her home, she is very impressed. He may be one step closer to some cuddle time now that Amelia knows he is handy. Pastor Calvin Roberson comes to check on the happy couple. They seem to agree on pretty much everything, until the topic of relocation comes up. Bennett just wants to cross that bridge when they come to it.  When Amelia states her and Bennett have remained on the same page so far, Pastor Calvin warns that will not always be the case. I actually would like to see them in a disagreement.  In a new relationship, you learn a lot about a person by the way they fight with you. A wise person once told me,  before you commit to someone; you need to see the full range of their emotions.


Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over

Olivia takes Brett on a tour of her home that she loves. She hopes to convince her new husband to move into her rental house after the experiment. That seems a little presumptuous, considering they may not even like each other by the end of the experiment. Also, given the pretty in pink bathroom and the fact she rents, while he owns, I would say it’s a long shot. When Olivia sees Brett’s home, she is not impressed. I actually think his house would be nice, if he took the time to decorate and actually organize things better. It may not seem as cozy as hers but that can be fixed. When Olivia doesn’t give him the praise he thinks he deserves, he gets agitated.

Pastor Calvin visits Olivia and Brett to check on their progress. Both have complementary things to say about their physical attraction to one another. Things get tense when the subject of money comes up. Olivia fears that Brett won’t travel and do fun activities due to his finances. He has no problem doing those things, as long as she foots the bill. Olivia has no intentions of being a sugar mama. She becomes irritated that her ability to budget is called into question. Brett is the type who doesn’t want to deviate from what he has deemed as the correct way to do everything. This is an opportunity to compromise. Maybe Olivia can take agree to less trips, while Brett agrees to save up for one or two a year.  Pastor Calvin makes a great point, finances are not the cause of divorce. It’s the way couples communicate about them.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over

Pastor Calvin stops in to check on Amani and Woody after returning from their honeymoon. Things get awkward when he asks the newlyweds have they been having protected sex. Woody admits he was trying to have a honeymoon baby. Slow down, you two! You may want to solidify your connection, before you race to have a child. Amani and Woody undeniably have the most chemistry of all the couples, but they still have so much for them to learn about one another. This quickly becomes apparent when Amani discovers her husband has some strong viewpoints on her changing her appearance.

Woody doesn’t like surprises and expects Amani to talk to him before making big decisions. He takes it a step further by stating she would have to discuss cutting all of her hair with him because it’s a drastic change. Amani is taken aback that Woody would believe he could dictate anything she does with her appearance. After a tense moment, Pastor Calvin steps in and helps Woody to get to the root of the issue. Although he keeps talking about attraction, he actually just wants to be included in decisions that could change the dynamics of their relationship. This is something Amani can understand given his explanation. But she reasserts that she never wants Woody to try and control the way she looks. She wants their bond to extend beyond physical attraction. That sounds good, but because you have only known each other a short period of time, there isn’t too much to go on right now.

Woody gives Amani a tour of his home where he lives with his grandmother. She quickly realizes there may not be enough room in their new apartment for all of his hats and shoes. Amani’s apartment is exactly the way I expected it to be. It’s neat and she has a ton of clothes. These two may earn the title of the best dressed couple of the season. God knows they both have enough clothes and accessories to do so.

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over

When Miles’ takes Karen to his bachelor pad, she is shocked that it is so cluttered.  Most of the disorganization is his massive shoe collection. When they go to Karen’s home it’s nice and neat. It’s obvious she feels uncomfortable with her stranger husband in her space looking through her things. Sigh! Karen, would you loosen up? She went through Miles’ things and made several judgmental comments. It’s only fair for him to do the same. After all of jokes made about his shoes, she has just as many, if not more. Maybe she just isn’t accustomed to a man with several footwear options.

Pastor Calvin reminds Karen and Miles they are not strangers, but a married couple. Karen admits that she doesn’t feel like a wife yet. They both have complementary things to say about one another physically, but there still isn’t much intimacy. Karen has a real fear of being hurt. She wants to wait until trust is established, before she truly opens up. Miles reminds his wife that he is “all in” and has no intention of hurting her. It’s clear that Karen has been hurt and no longer trust men. I can’t blame her. Her last boyfriend of four years cheated on her and had a child with someone else. Hopefully she lets go of the past and truly gives Miles and her marriage a chance. She will never know if she can trust him if she doesn’t let down her guard.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: The Honeymoon Is Over

Christina is shocked by Henry’s “tiny” and “bare” studio apartment. He barely has food in the refrigerator aside from a frozen dinner since he doesn’t cook. When he suggests they go pick up Christina’s things from her home, she claims all of her stuff is in her car. Huh? Didn’t she tell him she lived in the Central Business District at their wedding? So what is really going on? Does she not want him to see her living arrangements or was she lying this whole time? Something seems awfully shady about her dodging the visit, especially after she spent so much time judging his home.

Sigh! Is anyone else tired of these struggle conversations that Christina and Henry keep attempting to have? I don’t know if it’s Henry’s awkwardness or he is just accustomed to being alone. When Pastor Calvin comes to visit, Christina admits she has never been the aggressor in a relationship. Surprisingly, Henry finally confesses what we already know. There is only a friendship vibe between him and his wife, in his opinion. Wow, that is the most he has said throughout this entire season. Maybe Pastor Calvin should visit more often. They are both reminded that in order to have chemistry they have to put in some effort. At this point, they have only had surface level conversations. Let’s face it, these two are a lost cause. Sorry, not sorry!




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