Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: It’s About Michael

Monique Samuels girl’s trip is having a lot of unintended consequences. Did anyone expect Wendy Osefo to lose it like that on Ashley Darby? The newbie came in so hot. The Real Housewives of Potomac deliver each and every week, and this one will be no exception. The dinner is in the midst of pure chaos, and the doctor is educating everyone on how to read. However, Ashley isn’t some wallflower, so she’ll bite back.

Speaking of Ashley, it seems like an annual tradition for her husband Michael Darby to get caught in a scandal. This time it’s current frenemy Candiace Dillard Bassett getting the piping hot tea on our favorite Aussie. Michael is going to have a lot of explaining to do after a photo surfaces of him at a strip club trying to procure girls back to his room. Will he ever learn? One day Ashley should do everyone a favor and admit they have an “arrangement”.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

It’s the first night at the lake house, and the dinner is totally out of control. Dr. Wendy wants Ashley to address her correctly if she’s going to come for her. Why is Wendy even coming at Ashley in the first place? It doesn’t even make sense. She has to be projecting big time here. Baby Dean being present on the trip isn’t an end of the world issue.

Nearly everyone at the table wants Wendy to take it down a few notches. Karen Huger doesn’t like Wendy using the term bitch at the group, but she’s done it herself, so she has no leg to stand on, For some reason Karen has her mind made up that she doesn’t want to give Wendy a fair shot. The Grand Dame isn’t accepting new subjects at this time.

I get that Wendy has her own feelings about her daughter, but that’s not Ashley’s problem. Wendy having attachment issues being away from her daughter has nothing to do with Ashley bringing her son. The delivery was so off. Starting off with the group by calling people fake ass bitches isn’t the way to secure a place in the hierarchy.

The only thing being accomplished by watching the women compete for best pancake maker is making me so hungry. Give it to me now. On a serious note, it’s so refreshing to finally see Gizelle Bryant and Monique in a decent place after years of animosity. If we could get Candiace and Monique on that same path, things would be golden in this group.

Ashley cannot reach Michael which is evidently a norm in their relationship. That’s kind of sad considering they have a newborn at home. Can he not be bothered to be a present and active father?

We flash forward to 12 hours later, and Candiace is rocked with a bombshell that she wants no part of. Michael was seen at a strip club talking to several dancers about how he has a boyfriend and a wife. OHHHHHHHH MICHAEL.

Gizelle and Monique hated each other’s pancakes, but they both looked decent. I guess Gizelle’s looked a little overcooked, but a guy’s gotta eat, so hand em over. Dr. Wendy delivers the long awaited game changing results of who produced the better pancakes. Gizelle won for taste, and Monique took the prize for presentation and ultimately won overall.

Candiace draws a great comparison to how the pancakes represent the personalities of the two women behind them. Gizelle’s were messy and all over the place, but they were good inside. Monique’s on the other hand looked breathtaking but didn’t offer much inside. Fair point. That’s what I’m seeing this season. I really loved Monique in previous seasons, but some of her actions have me questioning her authenticity.

Wendy Osefo Real Housewives Of Potomac

Gizelle has an open conversation with Wendy about the wild antics of the previous dinner. Being the queen of mess that she is, Gizelle decides to direct Wendy’s anger toward Karen instead. She reveals Karen called her a “floozy freelancer”. The Grand Dame has some misplaced hostility toward the newbie. What has Karen accomplished that’s somehow above Wendy? Stick to your perfume.

Monique might be the only woman in the group who is actually excited about fishing. Everyone else wants to live the pampered life. Know your audience Monique. They don’t want to touch worms. They don’t want to do outdoor physical activity. This group prefers to sip champagne and get massages.

Wendy earned a ton of respect from me because I didn’t expect her to apologize to Ashley. She apologized for her delivery and the out of place use of the word bitch against Ashley. I like seeing someone who can own her s**t. For some reason Karen has an issue with Wendy changing her tune about Ashley. Is Karen jealous of Wendy? Why else is she obsessed with everything this woman does.

After a disaster dinner, Wendy has successfully redeemed herself in the eyes of the group. Well, most of them. Karen is still miffed about something when it comes to Wendy. That needs to come out in time because right now it’s Karen being unnecessarily shady in her confessionals about someone she barely knows.

Karen Huger Real Housewives Of Potomac

Ashley reveals that Michael hates his new place as second in her life. The baby has to come first. He’s a newborn. Michael’s priorities are completely out of whack right now. I guess his feelings about Ashley might be why he’s seeking attention from randoms at the strip club.

I really feel for Karen because connection with Ray Huger is getting weaker by the second. Their love has dimmed so much over the last year. He seems uninterested in anything to do with her when she calls. I don’t know if they can survive this newfound lull.

All of the women are bored out of their minds because there is nothing to do at Monique’s house. She has nothing exciting planned for them. Gizelle comes up with the idea to do a pageant competition between Candiace and Ashley.

I’m living for Candiace’s listed talent being cutlery throwing OH MY GOD. Also it says Ashley likes older men and her talent is pot stirring. This is the shadiest competition ever. Thank you Gizelle for saving this bore of a trip.

After speeches and talent performances, Candiace is crowned the new Lady of the Lake. How did Ashley’s torn bootyhole twerk not take first place? Sigh. Nah, Candiace’s Happy Birthday was in a league of it’s own. This girl is on her way to an EGOT.

Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

Candiace finally gets the text about Michael at the strip club, and she’s beside herself. She asks the producers to blur out her friend’s name. According to Candiace this is a highly reliable source, but given their past, Ashley might not take this well from her. This is very reminiscent of Bethenny Frankel being the one to tell Luann de Lesseps about her man cheating years ago on RHONY.

For some reason Candiace takes this information to GIZELLE of all people. Now you know she’s going to want to carry that bone as fast as possible. They both acknowledge that they have to tell Ashley at dinner. This has a big chance of not being received well at all. Ashley doesn’t have the best of relationships with these two women, and they’re coming to her with life altering information.

Monique asks at the table about Michael, and Gizelle/Candiace almost choke on their food. Candiace reluctantly calls out Ashley’s name, and we are left with another to be continued episode. This is going to send shock waves through Ashley’s marriage. Although, I think Ashley is well aware already of Michael’s indiscretions.


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