Married At First Sight Recap: Opening Up Is Hard To Do

There are five weeks until decision day for the Married At First Sight couples. It’s time to explore whether each pair has the potential to fall in love. As everyone settles into married life, they begin to discuss what growing in love means.  Some spouses declare love, while others make comments that could ruin everything. In order to survive this experiment, trust will need to be established. At this point, there are very few couples who have established this type of connection.

Miles makes a grave mistake that could ruin all of his progress. Olivia becomes increasingly frustrated as she struggles to discuss important issues with Brett. Christina reveals a secret she has been hiding. Amelia surprises Bennett with an interesting activity. Let’s get straight into the Married At First Sight recap!

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: Opening Up Is Hard To Do

Miles is trying his best to prove to his wife, there is value to having a husband. He even takes over for Karen’s dad, by fixing his wife’s car. In an effort to earn more brownie points, he surprises her with a cooking class from a chef. I see you, Miles! Cooking is clearly not his forte, but the sentiment is sweet, nonetheless. Karen does the lion share of the cooking, but she admits she enjoyed him taking the lead.

Karen describes love as a feeling of comfort and safety. It’s clear those are traits that she needs because she has relayed how difficult trust is for her numerous times. When Miles opens up about the breakdown of his parent’s relationship, Karen warns him not to burn himself out trying to please her. She also admits that she wonders if his nurturing nature is organic or it’s something he does with everyone. I actually appreciated this conversation. I would have some of the same questions, if I was dating him. He needs to focus on making a genuine connection, rather than doing everything with the intention to please the person.

Married At First Sight Recap: Opening Up Is Hard To Do

While grocery shopping together, Karen admits Miles’ ability to express his emotions throws her off at times. She is more accustomed to men who aren’t as open with their feelings. Miles explains that emotional intelligence can go hand and hand with masculinity. I don’t think Karen agrees, but maybe she will change her mind in the future. Later, Miles broaches subject of sex and intimacy. Karen attempts to dodge the conversation, but he continues to push. When he puts “sex with my spouse” on the calendar on the fridge, she feels extremely disrespected. Damn! Miles, you just lost all of the points you earned this episode, with one comment. SMH!

Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: Opening Up Is Hard To Do

After returning home from a day out with friends, Christina confesses what has been bothering her. She hasn’t been taking her Attention Deficit Disorder medicine and believes that is the reason for her impatience lately. I’m not sure if that is completely true. Anyone with eyes can tell these two have zero chemistry, so it definitely would contribute to her frustration. She has been off of her medication for a month and she was embarrassed to admit it. Henry is very compassionate throughout the conversation. He reminds her she should never be ashamed to be human. This is the most sincere scene I have witnessed between this couple, this entire season. I’m glad Christina found the strength to open up to her husband.

Christina asks Henry is he still interested in getting to know her.  Although they have hit SEVERAL rough patches, he is still open. When the conversation shifts to the topic of love, Christina shares more about her past toxic relationships. She admits to being the common denominator in all of those relationships. She has begun to realize being married to someone who is the total opposite of those men, may be a good thing.  I don’t know where she went with her friends, but she definitely returned with clarity and better attitude.

Henry takes Christina golfing for the first time. This is an activity where he is confident and can lead for once. He is so impressed that he begins to feel more chemistry with her. Maybe, this is what they needed all along. Christina has said several times she doesn’t want to always take the lead in a relationship. An activity where Henry has the ability to shine was necessary. After receiving positive reinforcement from the last outing, Henry plans salsa dancing lessons. If you have ever seen a robot dance, then you can imagine what he looked like during this lesson. It’s really nice to see these two actually enjoy their time together. I was beginning to think that it was impossible.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: Opening Up Is Hard To Do

Woody treats Amani to a mani and pedi at the salon. I have to admit, right now, this is my favorite couple. It’s really exciting to see a love story develop before your eyes. I keep waiting for something bad to happen.  They may be enjoying each other now, but there is bound to be a point where something changes that, even if it’s only temporarily.

Woody knows he is in love when he considers the other person, more than himself. He eventually admits that he loves Amani, after she asks some follow up questions. He assumes that she will return the sentiment, but she admits she isn’t quite there yet. Every time she falls in love she gets hurt, so she has become guarded over the years. I believe that Amani fears that once they get to that stage everything will change. As a woman, I can definitely understand Amani’s hesitation, but I hope she can move beyond the past to embrace her future. Woody is disappointed that his wife isn’t on the same page, but at least he knows where his wife’s head is at.

Despite Amani not returning Woody’s sentiment he has decided to take her surprising him with a home cooked meal as an admission. Umm, that is quite a reach, but whatever gets him through his rejection.  I’m glad to see he didn’t allow Amani’s slower pace, to mess with his mind. She may not be in love now, but it’s only a matter of time, before that happens.

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: Opening Up Is Hard To Do

It finally happened!! Amelia and Bennett had sex! It’s actually funny that it happened after she took care of him when he was sick. While completing an exercise from the experts, they have an interesting conversation about love. Bennett basically admits he loves Amelia, but I am not quite sure, she realized it. In post interview, he adds more clarity, sharing although he loves her; he isn’t in love with her.

Amelia surprises Bennett with a day full of surprises that includes matching outfits. I wouldn’t say it’s the most fashionable choice, but it definitely was functional.  Amelia has planned a day of slack lining, which is similar to tight roping in the park. Although it requires several failed attempts for him to stand up, he continues to try and have a great attitude. I would think this activity would be quite challenging and potentially painful for a male novice. The day ends with a picnic with wine, cheese, pinata and a weird looking cake.

Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: Opening Up Is Hard To Do

Olivia is exhausted with Brett’s antics during serious conversations. While discussing feelings of love, she feels like she is pulling teeth just trying to get him to open up. In order to end the conversation on a high note, she tells him she thinks if they can get the little things right, the big things will fall into place. Brett responds “That sounds like the complete opposite of every good advice I’ve ever gotten in my life.” Is this guy serious? I understand he believes the big things matter more, but the way he communicates is so condescending. I am surprised Olivia hasn’t pointed it out yet.

Olivia invites Amani on a walk to have some girl time and discuss their husbands. She eventually admits that she has been frustrated with Brett’s resistance to talk to her. Woody has even confided in Amani that Brett never gives honest and open answers at their guy’s nights. Although, Olivia isn’t exactly trashing her husband, it is obvious that she is struggling in her marriage.




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