90 Day Fiance Star Jess Caroline Says Relationship With Colt Johnson Was “Abusive”; Describes His Behavior As “Bipolar,” And Sent Out Her Nude Photos To Get Her Fired

Viewers of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After got to know Jess Caroline as the laid-back, fun loving, Brazilian red-head who started dating Colt Johnson after his divorce from Larissa Dos Santos Lima.  Colt seemed smitten at first, and was even discussing baby names with Jess, as mother Debbie Johnson listened on in disgust.  Certainly, Jess’s happiness was short lived, and she started to unravel on camera.

Of course, viewers would be curious as to whether this relationship would end in the same manner as Colt and Larissa’s had.  After all, there was no clear aggressor and/or victim in that marriage. They simply shifted blame to their former partners.

But with Jess now speaking out about what happened between herself and Colt, there is clear indication that Colt is repeating a pattern of behavior that Larissa also claimed to be subjected to.

Jess took to Instagram over the weekend to speak her truth and share hope.  “I would like to talk about some of things I went through in my past relationship that left marks on me til this day,” she wrote, “I know so many women go through that too and maybe this can help someone out there.”


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Jess described the emotional toll Colt’s behavior took on her.  And there are parallels between what she and Larissa experienced.  In Jess’s situation especially, it’s obvious how her demeanor changed as the season progressed.

“My relationship was extremely abusive, I couldn’t recognize myself anymore! I lost my identity, cried a lot, was unhappy and started to question whether I was crazy like he said so many times,” Jess wrote, “every day I went to sleep sad and woke up sad. He denied all of the lies and made me believe I was out of my mind, played tricks on me, sayed he loved me in a minute and hated me and called me a whore in the other. His demeanor was extremely passive aggressive and bipolar.”


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In a far more public and sinister manner of abuse, Jess is also the victim of revenge porn.  She lost her dignity and her job over the incident.  Jess explained how it happened.

“Then, to destroy my reputation and self steem, leaked my private pictures I trusted him with, sent it to friends and made me loose my job! Once again trying to destroy my life,” she wrote, “I went into deep depression and til this day I go to therapy to try to get over it and to get back to my happy old self.”


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Jess concluded her post with a message of hope.  She exclaimed, “but I made it, girls! If you find yourself in this situation where you don’t feel loved and deeply appreciated, LEAVE HIS ASS! You deserve SO MUCH more! Never let a man tell you who you are. The fight is big and the results are slow, but you will find happiness like I did. Nothing is worth your stress! Trust your girlfriends and never settle for a man that doesn’t make you feel like the best person alive.”


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Thankfully, Jess was able to heal from the experience.  She moved onto a happy and supportive relationship.  It’s rumored that she secretly married as well.


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