Brielle Biermann Says She “Looked A Little Crazy” Before Dissolving Fillers And Dying Her Hair Brown

2020 has been crazy. So many things are changing rapidly and it’s hard to stay grounded. But if there is one thing that we can look to for certainty, it’s that someone in Kim Zolciak’s family will be getting fillers. Or surgery. Or using massive amounts of filtering on social media.

Even so, it’s hard to keep up with the low budget Kardashians, despite their constant Instagram presence. We have been blessed not seen any recent Don’t Be Tardy content, and for that, I am thankful. Although as a side note – season 8 is coming soon. So we aren’t totally off the hook. But in anticipation of the new season, Brielle Biermann has popped up to talk about, what else? Her looks.

Brielle recently spoke with Us Weekly about going more natural with her looks. In January of this year, she decided to stop bleaching her hair blonde and get her lip fillers removed.

Brielle said, “I really don’t miss the blonde at all to be honest. I don’t miss the blonde; I don’t think about it ever. I do look at photos of me from a year ago or like even watching the episodes I’m like, ‘Oh, my god, I look completely different.’”


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She continued, “Dissolving my lips was the best thing I ever did and dyeing my hair brown was like the second-best thing I ever did. I just feel like a whole new person. I definitely don’t know what the f–k I was doing a year ago.” Brielle said, “I looked a little crazy, now I look a lot better. The glow up is real.”

As for how she felt about herself with the fillers, Brielle stated, “I felt confident then, too. It didn’t really give me a big change but looking back I’m like, ‘Wow.’ You know, I definitely feel better about how I look now than I did a year ago.”


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Brielle admitted, “You don’t know how bad, I mean you just have to get to a point where you’re like, ‘F–k, I do look a little crazy’ and then start over and you look back and you’re like, ‘Wow.’” For those keeping track, that’s two “wows” out of Brielle.

Despite moving to a more natural look, Brielle won’t rule out the idea of future procedures. Brielle declared, “I would love a mommy makeover if I do decide to have kids.” One day and one procedure at a time, Brielle.


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[Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Wireimage]