Brielle Biermann Calls Out Delta Airlines After Claiming Family Was Kicked Off Flight

Kim Zolciak Biermann’s whole ask, believe, and receive schtick has really worked out. Kim parlayed being someone’s ALLEGED mistress on Real Housewives of Atlanta to the wife and mother of six with her own show. She managed to rope in a former NFL player, build her dream house, and have several facial renovations. As Kim kept birthing babies, viewers watched her brood grow on Don’t Be Tardy.

Fans of RHOA know Kim is no wallflower. Her kids aren’t shy either, raised in a household being constantly filmed. Brielle and Ariana Biermann have grown up in public. They’ve also been subject to ridicule and criticized for personal choices. If a celebrity parent chooses to purposely place their kid in the spotlight, any outbursts will be publicized. Entitlement is center stage and famous people often get a hall pass, despite their poor behavior. Recently the Biermanns found out that just because you think you’re above it all that doesn’t mean everybody else does.

The Biermann family has been traveling. As they attempted to return to Atlanta from Los Angeles, they ran into a snafu at the airport. Brielle felt some type of way about the family’s ALLEGED treatment by Delta Airlines. According to Page Six, Brielle tweeted, “[An employee] at gate 27 delta LAX just kicked my WHOLE FAMILY OFF the flight to ATL bc we were waiting on my dad with our service dog to finish going thru security & kJ & kash started crying bc they thought we left him and Kaia was literally S–TTING AND HE KICKED US OFF!!!! WTF!”

Riiiiiiight. So, apparently, Kim’s servant husband was delayed boarding the plane because he was trying to get the “emotional support” dog on the flight. The emotional support dog probably needs emotional support. Out of their 900 kids, two of them started crying and another had stomach issues. That’s when it all went to hell (ALLEGEDLY).

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Brielle shared, “He [the employee] was grabbing my siblings and escorting them off HIMSELF while my moms in the bathroom with Kaia!!!!!!” She added, “I have never dealt with anything like this in my life.” Did Brielle manage to capture the Delta employee manhandling her siblings? I mean, if she could tweet it she could take a pic of it. Right? Surely other passengers already seated on the plane also had cell phones. No one managed to get a clip of this atrocious Biermann mistreatment??

Then Kim got involved putting Delta on blast. She responded to Brielle’s tweet, “Unacceptable @Delta but police are now involved.” The police have a different version of the events though.

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In a statement, Sgt. Alicia Hernandez said, “Upon arrival and investigation officers found the incident to be a business dispute, which was being worked out by the parties involved.” Sgt. Hernandez concluded, “Officers determined no crimes had been committed and cleared the scene with no further action.” An abundance of Botox is not a crime, nor is deplaning an aircraft voluntarily. Which the Biermann family apparently chose to do.

“We’re also told Kroy [Biermann] arrived at the gate after the aircraft door was shut. The family deplaned, and the airline worked with them rebook them on another flight to Atlanta, but they ultimately made their own travel arrangements.” Let’s take a moment and imagine what it might be like to share a commercial flight with the Biermanns. Red Solo cups and wigs for everyone!

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People shared an update, on the story when Brielle informed followers she booked alternative transport. “GUESS WHAT. IM LEAVIGGGG FINALLLYYY!!!!!!!!” I can almost picture the relief of the Delta staff family now that their crisis was over. It seems the majority of the people commenting on social media were largely disgusted by the whole ordeal.

One person wrote, “I wonder if the police can investigate fake services animals.” Another follower recalled when Kim’s son Kash was bitten by their family dog. “I love that you are so open to rehabbing him [the dog] but you are abusing the service dog rule and are part of the problem. Period.”

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Brielle’s tweets about the incident have since been deleted. All this probably did was increase followers for Delta on Twitter. Maybe next time the Biermanns could simply have the proper paperwork handy for any animals flying with them.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]