Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, the five couples find ways to grow more intimate.  Some of them spice up their physical relationships while others struggle to find answers to difficult questions.  One person puts their marriage in jeopardy.

Christina makes Henry feel unsure about their future. Bennett has to face possibly moving, sooner than he expected. Miles and Karen open up about their needs. Olivia confronts Brett about his sarcastic nature. Let’s get straight to the Married At First Sight recap!

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Miles asks Karen an important question, “Do you trust me.” Although Karen doesn’t think Miles has any ill will towards her, she doesn’t fully trusts him yet. Miles may exhibit more trust, but he is still very guarded, as well. I believe if Karen was more open, she would see a much more relaxed version of Miles. He is so worried about doing something that could possibly offend her, that he is confused on what is appropriate.

Dr. Viviana Coles visits with Miles and Karen to see where they are in their marriage. Karen feels like it’s hard to have intimacy, when she is so overwhelmed. She is in a new marriage, trying to get to know a stranger and has to do it in front of cameras. She also is uncomfortable talking about sex on national television. Miles is more comfortable with their situation, considering he is naturally more in tune with his emotions. After some prodding, Karen finally admits that she holds back because she is being intentional with her actions. She doesn’t want risk leading Miles on. Dr. Viviana suggests taking sex off the table until final decisions are made. This will give them a chance to take some of the pressure off and truly enjoy one another. Miles agrees, but it is clear he is doing so begrudgingly. This act will definitely help Karen, but I think it will leave Miles wondering if he will ever see that side of his wife.

Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Miles wants to show Karen things that he enjoys so he takes her to work out with him. I’m not sure if he picked this activity or the producers because Karen definitely bested him. But in fairness, it was more cardio and Miles claims he works with weights. Nonetheless, I like that they both are doing something besides obsessing about their issues. Later, they do a trust exercise where they answer questions. Miles reveals a trigger for him is mentioning his age in a derogatory way.  Karen appreciates him telling her this because she wants to learn what genuinely bothers him. This conversation was necessary! Both parties were open and are beginning to understand each other better.


Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Dr. Viviana drops by to check in on Olivia and Brett. When Olivia tries to explain some of their challenges, Brett continues to make sarcastic comments. Even Dr. Viviana is confused about whether Brett is being serious or not. The two biggest issues they are currently having are where they will live and children. Right now, Olivia isn’t sure she wants kids, but she is willing to consider it. Brett takes anything that isn’t a resounding yes, as a no. She also wants to move somewhere that would involve less of a commute from her job in the future. The problem is that she rents, while Brett owns a home that he isn’t willing to give up.  Another challenge they are facing is intimacy. Brett is more of an affectionate person, while Olivia is more reserved. When Dr. Viviana asks for more detail about this aspect of their relationship, Olivia is visibly uncomfortable. Olivia believes that sex should be meaningful and she isn’t sure they are ready for that, just yet. Brett admits that he often feels rejected, but is willing to earn his wife’s trust.

A tense exchange happens when Dr. Viviana’s visit is mentioned while Olivia and Brett are out to lunch. She wants him to stop with the sarcastic looks. Brett seems totally confused as to what she is referring to. Anyone who has been watching this season knows exactly what she is talking about. Olivia explains he did it several times during the counseling session. Brett either shuts down or is being condescending most of the time.  Olivia wants to ensure that her husband is taking her seriously and is being genuine. When he continues to give politically correct answers, she is beyond frustrated. She then flat out asks him whether he wants to be married to her. His response is that she is insecure. Olivia, you deserve so much better. I don’t trust Brett and believe her when she says he acts differently off camera.

After taking a cocktail making class, Brett is back to being full of shit! Olivia wants to hash things out after their disagreement about his sincerity. He looks her in the eyes and says “there is no resolution.”  WTH! He further explains since he is being genuine, there is nothing to do but continue to be himself. Insert side eye here! There has been so many red flags this entire season from him. Brett believes he is making good TV, but he only makes himself look like an ass.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Woody and Amani complete an exercise from the experts to answer intimate questions. This may have been cringy with any of the other couples, but they manage to make it sweet and interesting. These two definitely don’t shy away from talking honestly about sex or anything else! They have really leaned into the process, despite the cameras. Woody even discusses making peace with his estranged relationship with his father. Although Amani claims she hasn’t fallen in love yet, I think she definitely has.

Next on the list is a set of sexy dares from the experts to advance their intimacy. Umm, I don’t think these two need any help in that department. Honestly, I think they are the only couple that doesn’t need any additional help. At this point, they could probably give the other couples some advice on chemistry.


Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Amelia and Bennett complete an intimacy exercise given to them by Dr. Viviana. As they stand head to head and stare into each other’s eyes, they state their intentions.  For this couple, this seems like an average Wednesday, rather than homework. I could totally imagine them doing this just for fun. Later, Bennett meets with Henry for drinks. He shares that he is nervous about the possibility of moving for Amelia’s job. Until now, he was able to ignore the elephant in the room, but the decision will come quicker than he expected.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Christina greets Dr. Viviana looking like she is about to attend a sock hop rather than a counseling with Henry. As soon as they sit down, they jump right into things. Henry doesn’t believe he is an emotional person. But Dr. Viviana corrects him by saying he just isn’t emotionally expressive. Christina describes their current relationship as “friends who are married.” Dr. Viviana doesn’t seem to care for that description and warns them not to get stuck in the friend zone. Surprisingly, both Henry and Christina seem very vulnerable during the meeting. I haven’t heard Henry talk this much in one scene, the entire season. He even promises that the coming weeks will be “less awkward” now that he is more comfortable. Christina confesses she needs more intimacy, but wants Henry to initiate it. Good luck! Whatever! I will believe it, when I see it. I am having a hard time believing Henry is suddenly going to morph into a different person. He has made some progress, but let’s not go too crazy.

Married At First Sight Recap: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Henry once again reverts back into his awkward self when he puts on a blindfold for an intimacy exercise. I don’t know if it’s the blindfold or just that he feels more comfortable, but he is extremely honest. He even admits that the reason he isn’t confident is because of his weight issues growing up. In response, Christina basically tells him to get over it. What??? She then adds her deal breaker is a lack of confidence. Henry is completely deflated and shuts down after just opening up about that being an area where he struggles. Sigh! Is this the same woman who just told him last episode how much she wants things to work? Christina, you were doing so well. Henry finally started to open up and she totally dismissed his efforts with a few words. This relationship is doomed. I can’t even going to pretend there is any hope.

Christina doubles down on her confidence comments. As soon as Henry arrives home from hanging out with Bennett, she says it again. She also admits that she is confused because he has other things that she wants in a relationship. Christina, you are sounding VERY judgmental.  When she opened up about having attention deficit disorder, he didn’t shame her for that. In fact, he understood despite her impatience being a problem for him.  I can understand why a lack of confidence is a concern, but the way she is approaching the subject is completely wrong.




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