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Life After Lockup Recap: Up In Old Flames

This new season of Life After Lockup is somehow more dramatic during the pandemic than before. Everyone is acting next level crazy and making decisions that could wreck their futures. Lamar Jackson is treading on thing ice right now by letting his stepson be near marijuana. His wife Andrea Edwards is as straight laced as they come, so it’s making an egregious error in judgement by being contact with that lifestyle.

Another pair that never learn from their mistakes are Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons. They’ve been doing the same toxic song and dance for years now. The end result is always the same; drama and heartbreak. His testing Sarah’s limits by not keeping her in the loop about his status for their daughter’s party. She’s going to lose it big time if he actually shows up. If you keep playing with fire Michael, you’re going to get burned. Sarah’s ready to explode.

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Andrea claims that if they don’t pray before they eat the food, the food will give them coronavirus. Andrea never misses an opportunity to throw in something about prayer. The ideologies of Andrea and Lamar are so different, and it makes for so many awkward conversations between them.

Andrea inquiries about what Lamar and Tennison did today, but she’s not ready for the response. Once she learns that her son was offered weed, she loses her mind. She calls his brother garbage and sewage and totally flips out. Tennison had to know that he was going to unleash his mother’s rage by revealing this. Why poke the bear?

She feels like the temptations in California are bad for her children’s souls. Isn’t the daughter in question like 8? I highly doubt people are going to be offering her weed. I mean COME ON.


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It’s the next day, and Andrea still isn’t speaking to Lamar. Is it really THAT serious? Tennison didn’t take the weed. Lamar didn’t encourage him to do it. They handled the situation like mature adults. What more can Andrea ask for? She’s insane because no matter what she’s never happen. It seems as if Lamar is trying his best.

Lamar thinks Andrea needs to have more trust that they can handle themselves. PREACH! Andrea just really worries about everything. I don’t know if it’s because she’s lived in such a Utah bubble for so long or not. However, regardless of the the reason, it’s a little much at times.

Angela & Tony

Angela Life After Lockup

Angela’s friend Tommy is still thirsting after her. Will he ever give up? It’s a shame she won’t give him a shot because he really loves her. No matter what she knows she can always count on him.

The amount of smoking that Angela does every episode is astounding. It’s A LOT. Like, A LOT ALOT. Angela having this second prison lover really came out of nowhere. It’s also funny that she doesn’t see any hypocrisy in her talking to this other Ross man. Sure, she didn’t sleep with Ross, but she still had an emotional affair of sorts.


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Angela is so giddy while video chatting with Ross. He says he misses her and that he’s been thinking of her. Even Ross knows that Tony is good for nothing. He knows Tony is nothing but a liar and a cheater. Tony will never change, and that’s the truth. However, it makes me a little nervous that Angela is gearing up to dive back into another prison relationship.

Lacey & Shane

Lacey Life After Lockup

The embryo transfer day has arrived! For some reason these two actually think it’s a good idea to have kids together. They clearly have the most solid foundation to build a family on. How long before she’s back to playing mind games with this man? How long before she’s running after John again? Once he gets out of prison, he’ll be back on her radar. Mark my words.

Lacey is afraid the procedure won’t work. Would that really be the worst thing in the world? There’s a really high chance they will have twins. WHAT? WHY? NO! Adding two kids in the mix is just not a good idea. Lacey and Shane are a bomb just waiting to explode. Happily ever after might not be in the cards for them.

Shane and Lacey anxiously await the test results, and they learn she is PREGNANT! YAY. Can’t wait. What a blast? This is exactly what these two needed. What a perfect thing for the two of them to be diving into. So marvelous.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Brittany Santiago is PISSSSSED looking for her mother. She thought things between them were going to be so much better this time around. She was sadly mistaken. Her mom is exhibiting so much red flag behavior. From the drinking to the missing money, none of this is good. She’s going to lose her place in her grandchildren’s lives.

At this point, Brittany is tired of her mom’s s**t. As sad as it is, letting her mom hit rock bottom is exactly what she needs to do. They have to let her reach her lowest point ever so she can have an epiphany moment about her future. Hopefully it works.


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Brittany finally locates her other who is in ROUGH shape. It looks like she might be doing more than drinking. Brittany spotted the signs her mother was doing drugs right away. My heart breaks for Brittany because she really hoped it would be better this time. She was hoping things would be different this time.

This is such a raw conversation about Brittany’s sister and the effect this has on her. She’s losing out on her daughters and her grandchildren. It’s a shame it had to come to this.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah is next level mad that Michael is nowhere to be found before their daughter’s party. She feels as if she’s the only parent who ever does anything. She really should accept that Michael will never be the parent she hopes he will be. Michael cares about himself more than anything. He cares about trysts with random women more than his existing family.

Sarah calls Malcolm to try and calm her down. Even the producer goes to Sarah’s car to check on her. It must get so maddening that she has to do everything on her own. Michael has two children, and he still lives his life like a carefree bachelor. There’s something wrong with that picture.

The birthday party is finally here, and as always the cake is giving me FOMO. I’m such a sucker for a good cake. If you only knew the hell I went through this weekend to find the perfect llama themed cake for my own birthday. What a time.

Right before the party is set to begin, Michael finally reaches out to Sarah. He’s really cutting this down to the wire. The party is in only a few minutes. No matter what he’s going to be late. Keeping Sarah in the dark about if he was coming or not was such a dirty move. Why add fuel to the fire like that?


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