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Life After Lockup Recap: Bat Out Of Hell

Some of the craziest couples from Love After Lockup are back for an all-new season of Life After Lockup. Tony has a lot of making up to do if he wants any shot with Angela. How many times is she going to forgive this man for his cheating? Lacey constantly finds herself caught between John and Shane, so maybe this season she’ll learn the art of monogamy. Probably not, but it’s worth the wish.

After losing the fight to keep her family in Utah, Andrea Edwards must settle into her new L.A. life with Lamar Jackson. Good luck dealing with her Lamar! It’s going to be a constant struggle. One thing that hasn’t changed is the constant drama between Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons. Unfortunately because of their kids, she can’t just cut the cord on that relationship. Speaking of kids, Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago are expecting again!

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Love After Lockup

Andrea can’t believe she’s actually back living in Los Angeles. I can’t either. After the way she ambushed him in Utah, I’m surprised this marriage is still going. He should’ve run as fast and as far away as possible.

Andrea hates living in the hood, and she wants Lamar to move them ASAP. They can’t afford anything safer. Maybe moving away from Utah was a bad move for the family. Having such young children, it might not be the best idea to have them exposed to gun violence all the time.

Lamar thinks all that really matters is having a roof over their head. I get that to an extent. However, at the same time, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Andrea to be upset about the living arrangement. Nobody wants to feel trapped in an environment that feels unsafe.

While Lamar and Tennison bond over their love of music, Andrea and her daughter say a protection prayer in the car. There’s a very clear divide in this family. One that could quite possibly tear them apart. A conversation about the future and what everyone wants needs to take place.

Andrea and Lamar hit another roadblock in their marriage after she asks to have her daughter baptized. He doesn’t want it done at all. He thinks she should be able to grow up being able to choose her spiritual path. Lamar doesn’t think blind faith should be implemented on the children. This is a marriage deal-breaker for Andrea, so their family might be at the end of the road.

Angela & Tony

Angela Love After Lockup

Angela is so trashy, but she’s also hilarious. She has the wedding ring in the toilet! I guess we know where she stands with Tony. I hope she can actually keep her distance from him. He has no good intentions when it comes to her.

Angela hasn’t spoken to Tony in four months. This is good news. That’s a great first step. He’s hurt her so much, and he will only continue to do that. I understand that she’s lonely, but it’s not worth the pain he causes her. The pandemic has actually kept the two of them apart which is a plus.

Tony shows up at Angela’s begging for a second chance, and she rips him a new one. The fact that she has a baseball bat in her hand while saying it makes it even better. The way Tony keeps backing away to avoid getting hit is hilarious.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Love After Lockup

Lacey hasn’t spoken to Shane since he moved out, and she wants to figure things out. All she wants is stability in her life. If that’s the case, then why was she playing two men at the same time for months? She made this mess.

Shane meets Lacey on the beach for a walk to talk everything out. He’s been at a hotel the entire time while Lacey has been cheating with John. He thinks John is the one who is manipulating her. I think it’s fairly obvious that Lacey is the real puppet master here. She pulls the strings of both men.

Lacey tells Shane that John is back in jail. Here we go again! Let the roller coaster continue with these three! She’s likely only crawling back to Shane because John is no longer available. That sounds like typical Lacey to me. Always playing a game with people’s lives.

John is back in jail after Lacey called the cops on him. Okay, that might be a game-changer. She sent John away, so maybe she’s actually through with him this time. Lacey does her best job at convincing Shane to have a second chance at their marriage, but he’s worried. He’s afraid she will do something like this again. However, he ultimately succumbs to her manipulations and agrees to give it another shot.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Love After Lockup

It’s baby time for Brittany and Marcelino! She jokes about being pregnant almost the entire time she’s been released from prison. I really enjoy watching these two. They have always felt like one of the more solid couples on this show. Their drama is never as sneaky and shady as the others.

After everything they’ve been through, it’s so good that her mom is there for this moment. She wasn’t an exemplary mother for Brittany, but this is a chance at redemption for the next generation. She’s atoning for her mistakes as a mother and being there for her daughter.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah Simmons Love After Lockup

Michael calls Sarah to speak to the girls, but they aren’t home. However, his new girlfriend is, and she’s being psycho. He’s hiding out in the bathroom on the phone call, and she keeps asking him what’s taking so long. He fakes taking a shower as an excuse to be in there so long. If Maria is THAT jealous, that’s a red flag.

Sarah is hoping Michael actually shows up to their daughter’s birthday party. She’s moved on from Michael, but she still wants him to co-parent. She wants that, but at the same time, she wants full custody.

The disagreement on custody the main reason their divorce isn’t even final. I actually think she still wants him on some level. She slept with him last time they interacted. Will she even learn?

This is the first time Sarah has ever dated post-Michael, and it’s so good that her daughter approves. That’s one hurdle she doesn’t have to worry about. Despite the new relationship, Sarah can’t help but think of her awful pregnancy scare following her last hookup with Michael.

I hope Malcolm is a better man for Sarah than Michael. The bar isn’t really high though. Anyone could be better than what she’s been accustomed to. At first look, he seems a lot more grounded than Michael. It’s early though, so that could change.

Sarah invites Malcolm to her daughter’s birthday party, and he wonders if it’s too soon. Too soon or not, she is going to have a fight on her hands if Michael shows up. If Michael is able to free himself from Maria’s clutches long enough to go, s**t is going to go down. I hope Sarah is prepared for the reaction she might get from him.

To avoid any drama at the party, Sarah asks Malcolm to meet Michael ahead of the event. That’s for the best. You can get rid of any anger or fighting instead of waiting for an audience. A one-year old’s birthday probably isn’t the best place for a first-time meeting to go down anyway.

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