Life After Lockup Recap: Up In Smoke

This four-part Life After Lockup event is already sizzling with so much drama. Sarah Simmons is bracing for a possible disaster when Michael Simmons meets her new boyfriend. Who knows how this is going to react. His newfound interest in being an active father might be over before it begins.

The most promising thing about this new Life After Lockup season is Angela finally losing interest in Tony. He’s been so horrible to her for so long. It’s about time she stands up for herself. His affinity for prostitutes and sleazy motels may have cost him the best thing in his life. She’s the only one who cared, and now it may be over. 

Andrea & Lamar

Lamar Jackson Life After Lockup

Lamar Jackson takes Tennison to visit his favorite brother and show him there’s more to California than guns and drugs. It falls a little bit on deaf ears though because the brother recently got shot. It doesn’t make much sense for him of all people to be the one doing the convincing.

Things take an awkward turn when Lamar’s brother offers him a hit. Tennison was so uncomfortable being around weed, and he wants it known this isn’t okay. Andrea Edwards is going to freak the f**k out when she hears about this. All of her fears about California are coming true, and Lamar is going to hear about it.

Tennison confides in his sister about being offered the weed at Lamar’s brother’s house. Lamar handled it well though. He shut it down. He could’ve put on added pressure, but he didn’t. I would say that’s a good sign.

Angela & Tony

Tony Angela Life After Lockup

Angela has me SCREAMING the way she is taunting Tony was a bat. No matter how much he says he wants to fix things, it rings hollow to Angela. He tries to say he’s been good during their four-month separation, but she doesn’t believe him. I’m so proud of her. She’s finally coming to her senses about this con man.

I really fear Angela is going to fall back into Tony’s web of lies though. He’s such a good talker, but so far she’s standing her ground with him. Angela has a master’s degree in counseling, and she feels sorry for Tony. This entire conversation is playing out like a therapy session. She’s definitely done with him this time.

OH MY GOD!! THEY AREN’T EVEN OFFICIALLY MARRIED! Angela is one smart cookie! She never filed the marriage certificate. I underestimated her intelligence in a big way. She just delivered the ultimate power move.


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It turns out that Angela had been talking to another inmate before Tony. She’s been talking to him the entire time Tony has been out. He’s out of prison now too, so she has an opportunity to find love with someone else. I mean, finding someone that hasn’t been in prison is also an idea.

Angela says she loves this other man Ross and they have a spiritual connection. If they have such a deep bond, why is she wasting her time on Tony? Ditch Tony regardless of what you decide. He’s poison.

Lacey & Shane

Lacey Life After Lockup

Lacey and Shane have now been back together for three months, and things are going well for them. He’s making a lot of progress in every aspect of his life right now. Lacey is equally thrilled and excited to have her family back. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Lacey and Shane are starting the process with IVF to expand their family. They’ve only been back together for a hot minute, and they’re already jumping into this step. Lacey isn’t even convinced that Shane will be a good father to their new baby. She’s wary of a future where she’ll have to raise the child on her own.

She doesn’t seem into this idea at all. Lacey’s only doing this because Shane doesn’t have any kids of her own. Their foundation is shaky at best. Throwing a baby into the mix could end up further complicating their dynamic.

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

Their life looks so chaotic now that they have three children. There’s so much happening at once. The quarantine is really getting to Brittany Santiago, and she wants to look at new houses. It’s not exactly the opportune time to be taking on this home renovation project in their current home. To make matters worse, the backyard work is $15,000 OVER BUDGET.

This is another instance with Marcelino Santiago making decisions behind her back. If he isn’t careful, he’s going to lose her over these constant secrets. There’s definitely a pattern of him making executive decisions that could have major ramifications on their future.

One thing I never thought of was how the quarantine could bring up bad memories of former inmates’ time in prison. Brittany is getting stir crazy being unable to do anything or go anywhere. She comes up with the idea to have her mother watch the kids for a couple of hours. That’s a great idea. Their marriage needs to break from home confinement too.


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Brittany’s mother is doing so well as a grandmother which is a vast difference from how she was as a mom. She’s a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, and Marcelino forced her to choose that or her grandkids. Hopefully, she doesn’t let them down.

Marcelino and Brittany are making their relationship a priority and start by going on a date night. Things are weird right now because of the pandemic, but they’re making the best of it. Some couples could be torn apart by current circumstances, but they’re fighting through it.

Brittany returns home to find her sister watching her kids instead of her mother. Unfortunately, it also looks like her mom is drinking again too. On top of that, her sister’s debit card is missing. Her mother is up to no good, and she’s trying to manipulate the entire family.

Brittany is insulted by her mother’s actions, and a fight is looming. If they end up in the same room with Brittany this angry, things aren’t going to end well. This isn’t good at all.

Sarah & Michael

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Malcolm is having such a positive effect on Sarah’s attitude. It has to be refreshing to be with a man that treats her with respect and isn’t out cheating with countless women. Michael should be at his daughter’s party, BUT his in and out presence in their lives is so toxic. All he ever does is set them up for disappointment.

It makes sense that Sarah wants Michael to meet Malcolm before the party. However, she’s risking a blow up happening at that meet leading Michael to skip out. This is such a slippery slope to go down before the party. She’s risking everything.

Michael ended things with Maria which is the smartest thing he’s ever done on this show.  He doesn’t want to be away from his kids, and Maria was a hazard to that. Finally, he shows that he has at least one brain cell left in his head.


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Michael is frustrated with Sarah because she won’t let him do what he wants to do with the kids. He wants to do his own thing for their birthday, but she won’t let him. At least he’s trying. It’s not like he wanted to be alone. She wasn’t invited to whatever plans he had for them. She could at least be pleased he’s taking a little bit of an initiative to be a father of any kind.

I do get why she gets frustrated with him though. He skips major holidays. He won’t take any of her calls. It’s difficult to find a co-parenting groove with actions like that. There’s only one day until the birthday party, and she still hasn’t heard from Michael. I guess her plan of having Michael and Malcolm meet beforehand is out the window.

Sarah abruptly leaves her therapy appointment to call Michael about how mad she is. Uh oh. This party is already heading toward disaster.


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