90 Day Fiance Star Jihoon Lee Got A Nose Job

There are very few couples that I root for on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg were one of them. Despite it being a whirlwind, I thought their relationship was genuine. And once Deavan moved her and her kids to South Korea to be a family, I thought all would end well. For the most part.

But things unraveled pretty quickly. Jihoon was hiding a lot of things. Mainly, having a job. Turns out, he didn’t have any actual income. Then there was that pesky point about whether or not he was borrowing from his mother or if she was keeping the money for safe keeping. Either way, after Jihoon picked out a crappy apartment and let her kid run into the street, Deavan was out. She ditched her husband and booked a a flight back to Utah.

Despite still being married, Deavan has moved on quickly. She has a new man that is even featured in photos with her on her Instagram. So where does that leave Jihoon? You guessed it – at the plastic surgeon.

Jihoon confirmed on social media that he got a nose job. I support any and all plastic surgery if it makes you feel better. But I am a bit surprised. I thought he had a perfectly fine nose to begin with. Also, I thought he had no money. Maybe, I’m doing life all wrong.


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On a photo featuring him squinting at an easel, Jihoon writes, “I drew something today.” Riveting stuff. Fans were quick to notice the difference in his appearance and flooded his comments. He confirmed what they suspected and said, “Yap I have a nose job.”

One fan asked, “What you need with a nose job? You was perfect the way our creator made you! Please don’t do more or you’ll look more feminine. Docs are used to women having surgery not men, therefore they’ll give you a feminine look. Don’t do more. You are handsome without it. Be happy!” Friendly reminded that men can look feminine and it’s ok!


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Another more positive commenter said, “The glow up is amazing…. be happy.” Followed by someone else echoing the same sentiment, “You definitely had a glow up. The break up really did you good.” One more Instagram user added, “You were already handsome but do what you need to do to feel happiest.” I love to see the Jihoon support!

But someone else asked one of the burning questions we are all thinking, “I liked you on the show. I AM wondering how you and Larissa [Dos Santos Lima]  get expensive, unnecessary plastic surgeries, and not pay to raise your children… and it’s all OK for everyone. People have lost their value.” Oof. Well, I think for starters, it’s fair to say that lots of these procedures are free in exchange for promoting said doctor. Although Jihoon certainly didn’t pose in an office or even say where he went.


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No matter how he paid, one user pointed out, “At least he didn’t ask anyone for money.” And I oop! This must be a Team Jihoon person because they were clearly digging at Deavan asking for donations for a boob job. BRB, gotta see how that’s going. But if we go by the looks of her social media posts, no new boobs have been seen at the time of publication.

Does Jihoon’s new nose mean that he has some cash flow coming in from TLC? Maybe another season, featuring him moving on from Deavan? No one nose. Sorry for that one; I couldn’t help myself.


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[Photo Credit: TLC]