Vicki Gunvalson Calls Real Housewives Of Orange County Newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas An “Idiot” For Defending Kelly Dodd

What a toxic mess The Real Housewives of Orange County has become. The new season is rapidly approaching, and it’s already stirring up controversy. Kelly Dodd has been under fire recently for her comments regarding coronavirus and the ongoing pandemic. Sometimes it borders on plain scary. Hopefully, people aren’t turning to Kelly for advice on how to handle this.

Newcomer Elizabeth Lyn Vargas had all the potential in the world to be a decent Housewife. However, all of that is already out the window. Sure, Kelly is getting dragged daily for her ignorant comments, but Elizabeth should have sat this one out. Stepping in to the fire that is defending Kelly is the worst possible idea for the freshman Housewife. Instead of garnering fan support, they’re going to want her gone. Pandora’s box is officially open. 

In an Instagram tirade, Elizabeth says, “Kelly has her own point of view. Why are you judging her? Why are you saying that you are…why? We all have our opinions. Why are you judging her for hers? I know why.

People are DYING. How hard is that to wrap your mind around? Kelly is out there constantly spreading misinformation. That kind of rhetoric is dangerous. It’s beyond just having an opinion. This isn’t some petty matter. It’s actually life or death.


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Elizabeth furthers her rant saying, “I know why that you’re trying to push the media to your opinion, but everybody has their own opinion so it is what it is. There’s no pushing. There’s no negativity. Just live. My point is that we are all the same people. Why are you judging one person?”

I’m not even sure how to process that. She’s speaking absolute nonsense in this video. The “we are all the same people” comment is a little suspect as well. Take that however you want. Talk about a problematic Housewife. I’m already exhausted from Elizabeth, and she technically hasn’t even started yet.


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In a surprising turn of events, former cast member Vicki Gunvalson left a one word comment on the video expressing her thoughts. Thankfully the Instagram account CommentsByBravo was able to capture the glorious moment for us. All she said was, “idiot”. Vicki speaking FACTS here. We were all thinking it.

I’m not sure if Vicki disagrees with the full content of Elizabeth’s video or if she’s just salty the video is defending Kelly. It doesn’t matter either way though. Vicki is calling out this bizarre video and read Elizabeth with one simple word. Without a doubt, this makes me miss Vicki a bit.


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Vicki is notorious for hating the newbies on the show, so it’s not all that shocking that she’d be quick to call her out. I suspect this season though is going to be full of Elizabeth and Kelly being called out for these opinions.

In the midst of a pandemic, spewing out comments like Kelly has is going to be met with backlash. People are scared for their lives. It’s not the time to dismiss the feelings of so many like this. Kelly could show a little self restraint on social media. Also, why is Elizabeth riding so hard for her? Get a life girl because this isn’t a good look.


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Vicki should count her blessings that she’s off this train wreck show before it sinks to new lows. Instead of being bitter about it, be thankful. I don’t know how Kelly gets another season after all of this. That goes for Elizabeth also. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, the takes are so much higher these days.


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