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Andy Cohen Says Kelly Dodd’s Coronavirus Posts Show “How Woefully Uninformed We All Are”

As if it wasn’t tough enough to go through the coronavirus pandemic, we will have to re-live the whole thing as reality TV viewers. We’ve all seen the trailer for Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15, and it was chock full of coronavirus-related content.

I get it, it’s a reality show, and the reality is that we’ve all been affected by this. Shannon Beador and her three daughters all contracted coronavirus. Even so, I just hope that doesn’t eclipse the entire season. We all can use a little escape, right? Well, not only that, but Kelly Dodd has and coronavirus is a combination I’m not yearning to see more of. As if her social media posts weren’t awful enough.

Kelly said the coronavirus isn’t a pandemic anymore, which is clearly not the case. She claimed that “no one in Orange County is dying from coronavirus,” which, again, is clearly not the case. She’s “apologized” for posting memes making fun of the coronavirus pandemic.

She has actually said “Well, people are going to die anyway.” Kelly even referred to the coronavirus as “God’s way of thinning the herd.” Girl, no. If this is what we are going to have to endure all season… it’s going to be a long season.


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Obviously, Kelly hasn’t learned any lessons, despite the backlash in response to her remarks. She recently shared an Instagram Story with her plastic surgeon saying that masks will not protect you from coronavirus unless they are N-95. Of course, the N-95 masks are the most effective, but if people are using cloth masks or something else so the frontline workers can use the N-95 masks, wearing an alternative mask if better than not wearing a mask at all.

Andy Cohen addressed Kelly’s Instagram Story during an episode of Radio Andy. He said, “I think that her posts show how woefully uninformed we all are and what a horrible job that this administration has done to inform us about this disease. We are now eight months into this and we are chasing our tails and they are giving us completely contradictory information.”


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“And, concurrently, if you are going to Kelly Dodd for advice about what to do in the face of the coronavirus, there is a problem. I think that, you know, [you should] consult your doctor. Do some research. Maybe don’t consult your plastic surgeon,” Andy concluded.

I would consult Kelly Dodd if I wanted to get engaged two months into a relationship or if I wanted to come up with below-the-belt insults. But, for medical advice? Thanks, but no thanks.


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