Married At First Sight Recap: One Month Down And A Quarantine To Go

The four weeks since the couples have been Married At First Sight have been a roller coaster for everyone. The newlyweds celebrate their one-month anniversary. Some are progressing by leaps and bounds, while others wonder if they’ll be toasting or divorcing in the future. There is still time for things to turn around, but for some, it may be a lost cause.

Christina wonders about the fate of her marriage. Bennett makes a pivotal announcement. Henry is struggling with comments Christina has made about his lack of confidence. Woody surprises Amani with a romantic gift. Let’s get straight to the Married At First Sight recap!

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: One Month Down And A Quarantine To Go

Amani and Woody sit down to figure out a joint budget for their household. But Amani quickly discovers that they don’t have the same ideas about financial planning. Woody’s mindset is a lot less cost conscious, than Amani. He clearly makes purchases on a whim, rather than a budget.  One of the big purchases he is looking forward to making is a new house. Currently he is living with his granny, so I’m sure he is looking forward to that. She is probably still bursting through his bedroom door, like he is a child.

Amani and Woody have a double date with Karen and Miles. It’s about time! I thought they would have had more interactions since the guys are best friends. Much to Woody’s dismay, Karen reveals that she and Miles are thinking of fostering a dog. Amani has been trying to convince her husband to get a pet for weeks and this conversation is only fueling the fire.

When Woody and Amani look back at their wedding pictures they realize they have always felt comfortable together. You wouldn’t believe that they had just met that day. Amani admits to the cameras that she is close to the feeling of love. Honestly, I think she already feels that way. She is just too afraid to admit it. But, I love that Woody still freely gives his love, despite her saying she doesn’t share those feelings yet. Later, Woody gives Amani diamond earrings and some interesting love coupons as his anniversary gift.


Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: One Month Down And A Quarantine To Go

Olivia suggests her and Brett video call Pastor Calvin Roberson to talk through their issues. She is still worried that he may be altering his behavior for the cameras. Apparently, off camera Brett is nice and reserved. But once the cameras come into play he projects an arrogant and condescending persona. He reasons that if he wasn’t being genuine, there would never be any reason to argue in their marriage. But Olivia still isn’t convinced. She is confused by Brett’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality and makes it difficult for her trust him. Personally, I don’t trust him. There is something very sneaky about him. Maybe its immaturity and nerves or he really could just be a certified jerk. I’m leaning more towards… jerk. Olivia is also upset about being called insecure when she tried to express her feelings the other day. He dismisses her concerns by questioning if she is just trying to find a way out of their relationship. Maybe she should be looking for the closest exit.

Olivia is feeling a little better since her and Brett’s chat with Pastor Calvin. She approaches him calmly and asks him to reign in his sarcasm when there is a conflict. Shockingly, he agrees, but asks that she start to trust him. He also suggests that she calls out when she thinks he is being disingenuous when it happens, so he is aware. The conversation ends with a heartfelt hug. Later, Olivia and Brett cuddle up and watch highlights from their wedding day to celebrate their anniversary.


Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: One Month Down And A Quarantine To Go

Bennett has a strange breakfast date with his friend and her stuffed toy bird. During a tarot reading, she reveals that Amelia is his soul mate. Bennett confesses that he is definitely in love. Meanwhile, Amelia meets with a friend and practically gushes about her relationship. She even wrote him a love song for their one month anniversary. I can’t wait to hear this, it should definitely be interesting!

While on a hike, Bennett tells Amelia he loves her for the first time. When he announces it to the camera, she admits that she feels the same way too. As if his proclamation of love wasn’t enough, later he presents her with not only a blender with 3 whole settings, but a jaw harp, as well. You can’t help but be happy and laugh whenever these two appear on screen. In turn, Amelia sings him her original song she wrote for him. Okay, this is just cuteness overload. I’m uncomfortable and secretly a little bit jealous. I don’t think anyone has ever written and sang me a song they wrote for me. I’ll be sure to bring that up in my next fight with my significant other. Okay, I couldn’t wait. I just told him and he just laughed and looked at me like I was crazy. LOL!

On another note, I just realized that both Amelia and Bennett look alike. Yikes! I never noticed it, until they were looking at their wedding photos. In a post interview, it looked like Amelia had cut her hair above her shoulder and she had on her glasses. If I put those pictures side by side, they could be cousins.

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: One Month Down And A Quarantine To Go

Karen and Miles play a high stakes game of two truths and a lie. She almost has a perfect score, until she doubts her answer, at the last minute. For a consequence, Miles wants them to go get tattoos together. Unexpectedly, it was Karen who gave him the idea when she expressed interest in getting one during one of their conversations.

Miles gives Karen a very thoughtful one month anniversary gift in the park. But he wants to know what her thoughts are on their relationship. Per usual, she doesn’t give him much information. I feel bad for Miles. I know Karen will be an amazing wife once she opens up, but it’s a struggle to get there. Only time will tell if that’s possible in the allotted amount of time. Later, they go down memory lane viewing their wedding pictures and reading their vows. Although there progression has been slow, looking back since day one, they have actually grown as a couple.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: One Month Down And A Quarantine To Go

Henry invites one of his drunken friends, Kristin from the wedding to the apartment to get some advice about Christina. Thankfully, this time his friend isn’t wasted. Well, not yet. She makes it clear she has doubts about this marriage. I agree that they are doomed as a couple. But, I don’t like a woman coming into another woman’s home and speaking negatively about her.  Henry is still trying to figure out what his wife meant when she said a lack of confidence is a deal breaker. Considering that is his main issue, he is confused about what that means for them. Kristin thinks Christina was being passive aggressive. She also adds when you combine that with the way she speaks to production, they aren’t a good match. I hate that I agree with her! This woman is sneaky. In a post interview at the wedding, Kristin implied she wanted a shot with Henry herself. Ugh… really, girl??

Christina’s friend, Chris stops by to check in with her. She admits that she is unsure of Henry’s “end game” and why he isn’t trying to initiate sex. She thinks they may just be stuck in the friend zone. Christina really just wants to be validated by her husband. Umm… did she forget that she told him that her deal breaker was the very thing he had just opened up about? Sigh!

As Christina and Henry look through their wedding photos, she questions their future. She even has an epiphany that it isn’t healthy to keep comparing him to her ex-boyfriends. Duh! Despite them saying they will figure things out, I don’t think much will change from now until the end of the experiment. Sadly, anyone can see there is zero chemistry in this relationship.





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