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Teddi Mellencamp Heard About Her Firing Through The Media; Upset Parts Of Her Family Life Got Cut From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has had quite the cast shake up since the last season ended. One of the most notable changes is that Teddi Mellencamp was fired. This delighted fans, which have long since called her boring. Kyle Richards is obviously crushed that her puppet is gone, which begs the question – who will do her dirty work next season?

So while most fans saw the writing on the wall about Teddi being let go due to her lack of storyline, it sounds like the one person who was left in the dark was Teddi herself.

Page Six reports on Teddi’s surprise when she learned that she was fired. On a recent episode of her podcast, Teddi revealed that she had a feeling that she might be let go. However, she ultimate heard about it from friends as opposed to the network or the production company

Teddi said, “The craziest part about it was, I think it was last Monday, I woke up, I was on the Peloton and my girlfriends started texting me. My non-television show girlfriends and they’re like, ‘Hey, is everything cool?’ And I’m like, ‘Why?’ And they’re like, ‘It’s all over the Daily Mail that you’re no longer a Housewife.” Teddi concluded, “And I was like, ‘Oh come on!’” Awkward!


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Teddi even had to send a message to her team to ask if it was true. She continued, “Maybe, not three hours later, I get the phone call and they’re like, ‘Hey.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ And they’re like, ‘So, um, your contract is not getting renewed as a Housewife.’ And I’m like, ‘You are telling me that it’s released to the Daily Mail before me!’”

While she admitted that she was blindsided, Teddi also admitted that she probably should have realized that she wasn’t really being featured on the show like the rest of the cast. “I think for the last couple of months, I had been preparing myself. Because we had like a really busy year last year with our family. Like, I got pregnant naturally for the first time. I was able to tell the kids. I filmed so many amazing things that were never shown on the show … it should have been the writing on the wall.” I guess Sutton Stracke was right to scoff about Teddi being boring and pregnant.


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Teddi concluded, “All the things that make me a likable, redeeming human being were not shown on the season.” I would love to know what those things were. Look, I’m not saying that Teddi isn’t a redeeming human. Wait, yes I am. She was a bore on the show and she was a hypocrite about being accountable. She did all Kyle’s dirty work and couldn’t handle confrontation. Teddi couldn’t even stir the pot properly.

Teddi saying that she was given a bad edit is just one more instance of her not being accountable. Maybe she should focus on coaching herself now that she’s got plenty of free time.


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