Teddi Mellencamp Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Report: Teddi Mellencamp Fired From Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

Everyone take a deep breath. This might be the one redeeming moment in all of 2020. Let me first say this report has not been confirmed, but word on the street is, Teddi Mellencamp  will NOT be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I will wait whilst you prepare your fireworks and celebratory adult beverages.

It is probably safe to say the majority of RHOBH viewers reached an impasse with Teddi. She struggled to bring anything relevant to the show, aside from the occasional bewildered look and a co-dependent relationship with Kyle Richards. Oh, what will Kyle do without her package deal? The Hills are alive with the sounds of diamonds dropping. Allegedly.

According to the Daily Mail, giving birth did not make Teddi interesting enough for another season. After being blasted by fans for eons for being boring, bland, and only serving as Kyle’s doormat best friend, Teddi might have been given the pink slip to go with her pink hair. Matchy-matchy! But before we pop those bottles, this report has yet to be co-signed by Bravo.

A Bravo production insider shared, “Teddi will be advised this week that she will not be picked up for another season.” Oh, Darling… The source also stated, “The network has not been impressed with her performance on the show. They considered cutting her last season but gave her one last chance.”


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Hmmm, maybe Teddi’s one-dimensional personality finally wore thin (pun intended). Or maybe her All in By Teddi diet promoting a blade of grass with a sliver of fruit as a reasonable weight-loss tactic proved to be too controversial for Bravo to handle. “’It is concerning that she is pushing a business that young women, Bravo’s key audience, are claiming is unhealthy and downright dangerous,” the person added.

The source also speculated, “She [Teddi] is boring and stale and does not offer anything to the franchise with her robotic and staged delivery when interacting with the other cast members.” Which is something most fans have been saying for three seasons.


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The insider also pointed out none of the other RHOBH ladies have a true relationship with Teddi. “The issue is, the other cast members don’t particularly like her and beyond Kyle no one is friends with her.” The same source seems to feel like Kyle will transport Teddi to the land of misfit friends upon her release from the show.

While Teddi has been doing damage control regarding her accountability program, it looks like she may have to put those accountability tools to use. But it appears her swan song has floated away. “Regardless of how much Teddi begs to keep her job when she is told, the network will not change their mind. She’s done,” the insider concluded.


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When contacted by Daily Mail, Bravo refused to comment on the report. But, this might be in lieu of informing the next of kin. So hang in there and be patient. This might be the cast shakeup that RHOBH fans have been waiting for, and Teddi might have to finally hold herself accountable.


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