Married At First Sight Recap: Home Alone

For the first time in the Married At First Sight  show history, production shuts down as the Louisiana stay-at-home order is put into place. The couples are tasked with filming their own journey, while confined indoors.  After six weeks of being on lockdown together, some couples become closer, while others hit a breaking point.

I couldn’t imagine being married to someone I barely know while trying to film a television show during a pandemic. That is enough to drive anyone crazy. As if the state of the country isn’t stressful enough, these couples must navigate the struggles of a new relationship. Tempers flare, accusations are made and one couple gives up. Let’s get straight to the Married At First Sight recap!

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: Home Alone

Amelia and Bennett fill their time during quarantine counting rats in the city and being their naturally quirky selves. She gushes about how considerate and loving her husband is to Dr. Pepper Schwartz. She is worried about whether her husband is going to choose to move to Virginia for residency with her. Pastor Calvin Roberson asks Bennett about the challenges he has seen in his marriage, thus far. He admits there have been problems, but they have been resolved quickly. He also acknowledges he will need to start thinking about their financial future, if they intend on having kids. Things get interesting when Bennett is asked if he is willing to move for his wife. He seems unsure of what he wants to do, at this point. When Bennett and Amelia discuss their meetings with the experts, he tells Amelia he has decided to split time between Virginia and Louisiana.

Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: Home Alone

Amani finally reveals that she loves Woody in a sweet way. He wakes up to breakfast, a gift and heartfelt note with the news. Sadly, an argument ensues shortly after. When Amani jokingly asks to see Woody’s DMs from other women, he says no, she believes he is hiding something. Woody isn’t comfortable with her invading his privacy. I guess… Woody, I better not find out you are cheating on Amani!

Amani tells Dr. Pepper about her heated argument with Woody after he refused to show her, his DM’s. Thankfully, they were able to resolve things after they talked more about their intentions. Woody admits to Pastor Calvin that he isn’t confrontational, so he tends to brush things aside easily. Pastor Calvin cautions him on how that can cause issues later, if he doesn’t truly settle problems. Amani and Woody discuss babies, puppies and a happy future together after their conversations with the experts. I am rooting for this couple to stay married!

Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: Home Alone

Christina and Henry have been forced to spend more time together, since the pandemic. But I guess she hasn’t been paying much attention because not only did she forget his birthday, she went out without him. WTH! How did she not notice how many calls and texts he was getting all day? He even got a cake delivered to him! Really, Christina! She told her husband she was taking a walk after getting dressed up. She then ignored his messages and stayed out until 3am. Wow!

Christina reveals to Dr. Pepper that she is tired of always wondering what is going on with Henry. She claims he finds ways to leave the house constantly. Insert side eye. Did she forget about the stunt she just pulled on his birthday? Henry informs Pastor Calvin that he is concerned with Christina’s pattern of dishonesty. He recalls the suspicious stories she told about her living arrangements before they moved in together and her recent night out. Christina has an emotional breakdown when Henry expresses concerns about her.

In a shocking twist, Christina confronts Henry with allegations of him having a sexual relationship with a man.  She claims she got this information from a “reliable” source that she refuses to reveal. Wow, my mind is officially blown! If she made this story up to discredit him, she is insane. Most men would be furious, but Henry just seems confused about where this is coming from, all of a sudden. Only time will tell where this goes, but I think it’s time they just walk away from one another. Henry may be awkward and have no confidence, but Christina gives me homeless single white female vibes.

Karen & Miles

Married At First Sight Recap: Home Alone

While Karen is busy with work at the hospital, Miles is struggling with being stuck at home. Although she knows he suffers with depression, she admits she doesn’t have the emotional strength to deal with his problems, as well. In turn, Miles feels alone and unwanted by his wife. Karen, when you are in a marriage, you need to support each other. Otherwise, you should have just stayed single.

Dr. Pepper calls Karen out on her actions that could make Miles close himself off to her. She is so concerned about having this alpha male, that she is sabotaging a relationship with a really nice guy. I don’t think Miles is feminine at all. He just is in touch with his emotions. It takes a real man to be able to open up about his feelings and struggles, rather than suppress that for society. Karen tearfully confesses she believes that Miles now resents her. The night before he told her he doesn’t believe she is trying and doesn’t think he would stay married, if it was decision day. What did she expect? She literally judges him on EVERYTHING and is standoffish. Newsflash Karen, when he was holding his hand up salting the food that was a nod to the viral Salt Bae video. It was not a “feminine” action. Geez!

Miles opens up about how the lack of intimacy in his marriage is affecting him. Karen is so guarded. She can’t even give support or affection on a basic level. He also adds that Karen offended him by sharing her views on masculinity and how he measures against that. SMH! Karen, do you want to be married or be with any man? You can’t believe that a good man is going to allow you to keep disrespecting him and showing zero affection. After their conversations with the experts, Karen and Miles sit down to talk. It’s sad that she needs Miles to explain relationship 101. He isn’t demanding sex! He just wants to feel like he has a partner. I think what her ex did was deplorable, but I can see why a man would seek someone else out, if this is how she acts. Karen promises she will do more to consider his needs in the future. Insert side eye. Sorry, but I don’t have much confidence at this point. To watch her basically ignore him while he was in the same room, when he was clearly struggling, broke my heart. Karen, it’s time for you to let go of the pain from the past or you’re going to miss out in the future.


Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: Home Alone

Brett and Olivia are both frustrated that their relationship has become stagnant. When Olivia goes to check on her family, Brett has a major tantrum and takes all the food and anything not nailed down and moves out. SMH!  Before Olivia left, he did mention he didn’t think she should drive far away, but never gave any indication that he was upset. To be so passive aggressive that you leave your wife without a word is not only childish, but abusive.

Olivia shares her thoughts on the break down on her and Brett’s relationship with Dr. Pepper. She is fed up with the lack of communication and accountability, on his behalf.  But they reached the point of no return when she returned home to an empty house. When Brett speaks to Pastor Calvin, he presents a completely different story about the reason he moved out of the apartment. He cites their cats fighting, as the reason. That is a blatant lie! In a clip of their phone conversation after he moved, he clearly said that he didn’t see a point staying because they have fundamental differences. So why lie to Pastor Calvin? Later in the conversation, he admits they had a multitude of problems and feels they friend zoned one another.

Brett and Olivia have a serious conversation about their future. Olivia attempts to see if there is something they can do to turn things around. Brett responds by saying “No, no thanks” in such a snarky way. Sigh! I hate that it seems like she was pleading to be with this asshole. But I’m actually glad that they didn’t prolong this sham of a marriage, any longer. Trust me, Olivia, there are plenty of guys who would love to travel and do bar trivia with you.





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