90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

90 Day Fiance The Other Way is finally back after a hiatus. Unfortunately, not much has changed. Most of the couples are still unhappy due to the influence of others in their lives, or their significant other. But there are a few new developments this episode that will only create more drama in the near future. Brittany Banks definitely isn’t the only one who is hiding things.

Sumit pleads with his parents to accept Jenny Slatten. Brittany Banks arrives in Chicago hoping to finalize her divorce. Melyza reveals her secret. Armando Rubio is reluctant to tell his family about his engagement. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre are shaken by unexpected news. Let’s get straight to the recap!

Jenny, 60 (Palm Springs, California) & Sumit, 30 (India)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

Sumit is finally ready to stand up to his parents. He goes to their home in hopes of convincing them to accept his relationship with Jenny. But he must tread lightly if he doesn’t want to end up estranged from his family. When he arrives his mother immediately tells Sumit she will never accept Jenny because of her age. When his parents go as far to tell him he should do what makes them happy, he becomes enraged. He recalls suffering through an unhappy arranged marriage just because it made them happy. Whether they believe him and Jenny’s nontraditional relationship seems “odd”, he wants everyone to let him be happy. After an emotional conversation, Sumit’s parents agree to try to be at peace with his decisions. It’s obvious this family truly loves one another. Hopefully everyone will find a way to move forward in a positive way.

Sumit meets with a worried Jenny to fill her in on his conversation with his parents. He explains that his parent’s concerns are based on how society frowns on their type of relationship. Although, he is unsure of their thoughts on marriage, he has come to an understanding with them. So in other words, Jenny don’t run out looking for a wedding dress, just yet. There are obviously many hoops you will have to jump through before a wedding can take place.

Brittany, 26 (Palm Beach, Florida) and Yazan, 24 (Jordan)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

Brittany is back in Chicago for a court appearance for her pending divorce. But instead of telling the truth she told Yazan that she was leaving to meet her sister’s new baby. When she arrives at her aunt’s home, she shares her frustrations with Yazan’s family and their cultural differences over a glass of wine. Much like everyone else, her aunt thinks she should just be honest about her predicament. But of course, Brittany doesn’t agree. She cites Yazan’s parent’s influence as the reason she is uncomfortable divulging that information. Sigh! She just continues to keep digging this hole deeper. I fear what is going to happen when she finally confesses everything.

Today is finally the day of Brittany’s court date. After three hours, she still emerges from the court room still a married woman. Unfortunately, nothing was entered into the system and now she has to re-file for a divorce and start the process all over again.  SMH! Now, she will have to come up with yet another lie about why she has to stay in the US longer. What a web we weave, when we practice to deceive. Girl, just tell him the truth! Stalling is only going to create more questions and suspicion from Yazan Abo Horira and his family.

Kenneth, 57 (St. Petersburg, Florida) and Armando 31, (Mexico)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

Armando Rubio is on the way to his family home with Kenneth Niedermeier to pick up his daughter, Hannah. This will be the first time Armando’s parents will meet his fiancé. Armando feels an intense amount of pressure to tell his family about the engagement to please Kenneth, but he is nervous. He even takes his ring off in the car to ensure they don’t find out. Meanwhile, Kenneth practices his Spanish, hoping to impress his soon to be in-laws.

After a four hour drive, Kenneth and Armando arrive to a huge gathering at the family home. Armando’s daughter, Hannah runs up to them both with a huge smile and hugs. But the other members of Armando’s family seem unsure of how to react. Unfortunately for Kenneth, he doesn’t speak much Spanish and isn’t able to communicate with anyone. When Armando’s mother attempts to get her husband to greet Kenneth and his son, initially he refuses. But after some prodding, he finally comes out and speaks briefly. Well at least it’s a step in the right direction, even if it is a baby step.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

When Armando reveals that he and Kenneth are engaged, he is met with uncomfortable silence from his family. Everyone is shocked after hearing the news. Armando’s mom tries hard to keep it together, but she is clearly having a hard time with the revelation. I don’t know if its embarrassment or she just was caught off guard. She admits that she wished her son would have told her alone, before revealing it to the extended family.

I feel really bad for Armando. He is so uncomfortable, that he is scared to ask his own mother if he can stay the night. Kenneth confesses that he felt a bad vibe from his father. Armando sees it as progress that his father at least came out and shook his hand. Kenneth is accustomed to having the full support of his family. He has to understand that this is all new for Armando’s family and they are trying to accept his choices. Although everyone was clearly shocked by the announcement, I don’t feel like anyone was intentionally rude to Kenneth. Hopefully over time, they will feel completely comfortable and accepted by the family. It just may take some time.

Ariela, 28 (Princeton, New Jersey) and Biniyam, 29 (Ethiopia)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

Ariela managed to convince her boyfriend Binyam to move into a new more suitable apartment. It’s definitely a step up from the apartment that had a closet in the bathroom. Ariela seems to be in better spirits, now that she has somewhere comfortable to live. Although she is stressed about money, she doesn’t want him away from the home too often. Huh? How else is he going to help pay the bills? Biniyam intends to work two jobs in order to help make ends meet for his family. I have a feeling that it will only be a matter of time, before Ariela is threatening to leave again because she isn’t getting her way.

When Ariela and Biniyam go look for cars, she is shocked by how expensive cars are in Ethiopia. Literally the price for a used 2001 sedan is $17,000. WTF! That is crazy. They could literally buy a new car in the US for that price. Right now, Ariela is paying most of the bills using her savings. There is no way they can afford that hunk of junk and the baby’s expenses. Did Biniyam do anything to prepare at all, before Ariela arrived?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

Ariela and Biniyam go to the doctor to get a checkup before the baby arrives in one week. They find out that the baby is breached. Things go from bad to worse when they find out she will have to deliver early. She will have to have a C-section because of the baby’s position and low amniotic fluid. Ariela has an emotional breakdown hearing that she will have to have a surgery in a foreign country, without her mother.

Tim, 34 (Dallas, Texas) and Melyza, 29 (Colombia)

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way: Ready or Not

Tim is still on the hunt for a company in Columbia that will not only hire, but sponsor him as well.  But despite his strides to make his relationship work, there are still huge trust issues between them. In fact, she has been hiding secrets from him, as well. Apparently, she had a sexual relationship with another person after his indiscretion. But claims that she didn’t know if they were still exclusive or not at the time. Insert side eye here. So you mean to tell me, she has terrorized him for hiding things from her, yet she still hasn’t told him everything. SMH! I’m not sure if this relationship can be restored. It’s clear neither of them fully trusts the other and they haven’t forgiven the past. It may be time to just come back to the U.S. Tim!






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