Love After Lockup Recap: Cracking Under Pressure

Love After Lockup is back!! Are you ready for another round with these crazies? Heather gives off the most chaotic vibes ever, and Dylan needs to watch out. He doesn’t have a clue what he signed up for with her. Good luck buddy. Jessica and Maurice towed the line when they violated his parole, so hopefully they can follow through rules moving forward. They could lose their life before it begins if they don’t do things by the book.

The biggest drama heading into this new episode has to be with Shawn & Destinie. She is through with him after catching him on the phone with his ex. Normally, someone could cut ties with their significant other after that and call it a day. However, this is a much trickier situation Shawn has $50,000 on the line here. It’s make it break for him.

Heather & Dylan

Dylan Love After Lockup

Dylan’s only been released for a couple of hours, and Heather is SO OBSESSIVE. This isn’t a relationship that’ll last many more episodes. Believe THAT.

Heather’s aunt is allowing them to stay with her after Heather’s place flooded. This means no hot sex for the reunited pair though. “There’s no way I can have an orgasm while Aunt Diane is in the next room cooking hash browns.” WHAT A FU**ING STATEMENT.

Her aunts are spending time talking to Dylan and getting to know him, and Heather is losing her mind over it. She says she doesn’t feel well and wants to lay down. Dylan wants to come with her, but she won’t have it.

She is so disgusted by her aunts, and she’s being so rude to them. Dylan can’t believe what he’s witnessing. Maybe he doesn’t really know Heather the way he thought he did.

Heather decides living under this roof isn’t an option anymore after this. Dylan has no idea when they’ll return, but you can tell he’s anxious. He HAS to stay there. It’s the site of his parole. What a horrible position Heather has put him in.

Jessica & Maurice

Maurice Love After Lockup

Maurice FINALLY got the all clear to travel to Vegas with Jessica. California and that lifestyle is now firmly behind him. Luckily, they never got caught violating. That was such a stupid move to make.

Jessica drops a bomb on Maurice that she’s three weeks late and feeling nauseous. Are they ready for a baby? They haven’t even lived together during their four year marriage. They don’t know whether or not they are long term compatible yet. Throwing a baby into the mix is the ULTIMATE test for their future.

Maurice wants to step up and be there financially if they’re having a baby. The only problem is he’s not sure he’s ready yet. If that test is positive, you’ll want to figure it out real quick. Nothing ever stays calm for these people in this show very long.

The pregnancy test is positive, and they’ll be welcoming a new baby into the family soon. I want to be excited for them. I really do. However, I also recognize how chaotic their marriage has been. They are far from stable. Although maybe I’m just bitter because I find Jessica to be paint dry boring, and I want her off the show.

Jessica’s concerned about how her parents will react when they learn the news. They’re been apprehensive about the marriage from the start, so she’s smart to be worried. They want what’s best for their daughter. That’s it. Any criticism they dish out her way stems from love and the desire to protect her.

Scott & Lindsey

Lindsey Love After Lockup

Lindsey got her ankle monitor and she’s on home confinement because of the pandemic. She hates this house. I wouldn’t want to be Scott in this scenario at all. In her defense though, the house was utter trash. It wasn’t even remotely finished. What was he doing all that time?

The pandemic has forced Lindsey to wait even longer to see her daughter. It must be the worst feeling in the world to get out of prison and still be isolated. For someone who spent all that time in prison, this feels just like that. It’s the same in a way. Freedom is being taunted in her face, but she can’t actually do anything.

The house is finally getting some furniture which is a solid step in the right direction. Things are slowly coming along, and it won’t be too much longer before Lindsey can see her daughter. Scott arranges for her daughter to come to the house and stand outside and talk to her from a distance. MY HEART! That was really sweet.

Shavel & Quaylon

Quaylon Love After Lockup

Shavel arranges for Quaylon to meet with her pastor who assists men who get out of prison. Quaylon has spent his entire adult life in prison, so this guidance might do hum wonders. He went from 17 year old kid to 29 year old man with an instant family. That’s a lot to take on.

A solid support system is definitely what Quaylon needs to avoid slipping back into his old ways. It’s interesting to note that Quaylon names his mother as his greatest supporter and not Shavel. That’ll come into play later on I’m sure.

Quaylon is also highly unsure about his current living arrangement. A part of him recognizes that he might do better with his mother and other family. This fairytale life Shavel has cooked up for them might be going up in smoke.

Shavel gets offended when Quaylon doesn’t want to disclose the details of his conversation with the pastor. He is acting weird on the car ride home, and she’s not feeling it at all. There’s a growing wave of tension in the car right now. I think what happened was the pastor made him realize a lot of things, and now he has some choices to make.

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Love After Lockup

Shawn is reeling from the aftermath of Destinie’s attack and how he hurt her. He’s trying to make sense of it, but the real issue is if she’ll show up to court or not. He has way too much money on the line if she doesn’t show up to court. It’s insane that he even agreed to that in the first place. He didn’t even know Destinie that well.

It’s really odd though that Destinie finds it odd when Shawn speaks to the mother of his children. He has a lot of kids with her, so it’s great that they have a friendly relationship. He wasn’t talking to some random hoe on the street. Destinie is overreacting here. She’s also a hypocrite because she’s planning a date with another woman behind his back. UM HELLO?

Shawn has the idea for Kelly and Destinie to meet. Good luck with THAT bud. Put these women in the same for two seconds and watch how fast things escalate. Destinie is a psychopath, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she stabbed Kelly in a fit of rage. Do not attempt this meeting. Abort mission!

Shawn returns home searching for Destinie, but he can’t locate her. His mind has to be racing wondering if he’s ever going to see her again. If she bails for good, he’s one broke ass man. This isn’t good at all.

Tyrice & Chanda

Tyrice Love After Lockup

Tyrice has no clue where Chanda is or if she’s even alive. Sounds like the blueprint of relationships to me. What a romantic love story. How does he not realize that he was being conned by Chanda? She was talking to so many men at once. She got what she wanted and left. Period.

His family is still so against this relationship. However, let’s use the term “relationship” loosely at this point. He was played, and he knows it. Tyrice is just trying to save face to avoid looking like a fool. Chanda ghosted him, and no amount of excuses thrown out by Tyrice will change that.


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