Married At First Sight Recap: Stranger Spouse

The stay-at-home orders have been lifted and the Married At First Sight  couples head out for a much needed getaway, in the country.  While some renew their bonds, others begin to question if they’ll want to stay married on Decision Day. One couple has already chosen to part ways.

There must have been slim pickings for a house for the retreat during the pandemic. This was probably the worst house, they have had to date. Everything from the metal siding to each bedroom looking like it belongs to a 6th grade girl is bad. At one point, I think I even saw Bennett eating broccoli with a whisk. Let’s get straight to the Married At First Sight recap!

Olivia & Brett

Married At First Sight Recap: Stranger Spouse

Olivia has decided to move from her marital apartment now that it is apparent t there is no saving her relationship. Amani stops by to help Olivia pack the last of her belongings. Brett truly is piece of shit. After leaving his wife without telling her, he has the nerve to text to inform her that he is open to dating. Oh, really? You are willing to date your wife now that you left? I would have kindly deleted him from my contact list and my life.


Christina and Henry

Married At First Sight Recap: Stranger Spouse

Ever since Christina accused Henry of being secretly gay, she has steered clear of their apartment, as much as possible. Woody stops by to hang out with Henry and is shocked to hear the state of their marriage. Henry believes Christina only made those claims in retaliation for the red flags that he pointed out on camera. Then footage is shown of Christina admitting that she used to be a “flamboyant liar.” Well, sis, it still looks like you are still a liar. Henry is definitely awkward and some would even say strange, but I don’t believe he is gay.

Its official, Christina is nuts! After accusing Henry of being gay, she now claims that she never really believed that. Instead, she wishes she would have asked him about the nonexistent text she received. Henry is a much nicer person than me. There is no way in hell I would want to be around her, let alone go on a trip with Christina.  A person who makes false accusations when they are angry is quite dangerous. Once they arrive at the cabin, she pretends like nothing has happened. Later, there is an awkward moment when Christina cries talking about the situation with Olivia and Brett. You could hear crickets as she gossips about another couple, when everyone knows she has just as many issues. Sigh!

Henry is forced to share his thoughts about his declining marriage, after some prodding from Amani. Christina is clearly uncomfortable when her husband doesn’t stick to pretending everything is good between them. In turn, she tells everyone she has learned she wants a man, who wants her. But she still has hope for her marriage. Woody, who has full knowledge of what is going on can’t help but speak up. He basically tells them to know when to throw in the towel. Thank you! It is just exhausting to watch this be drawn out.  Most knew within the first two episodes, this isn’t going to work.

The experts ask the couples to write letters to their younger self. When Christina reads her letter, once again she defaults to blaming her past, for her current behavior. Henry’s letter didn’t have much depth. The only thing I discovered is that he thinks he grew up with great judgment. I wish he would have touched more on some life lessons that could have helped him with his confidence issues. But I understand he may not feel comfortable to share anything with his wife, at this point.


Karen & Miles

 Married At First Sight Recap: Stranger Spouse

Karen is feeling anxious about going to a couple’s retreat during a pandemic and the protests for racial equality. She would have rather had some time to decompress mentally from all of the stress of everything going on in the world. She is also still struggling with the physical intimacy aspect of her marriage. I don’t think I would want to go on a group trip either during this time, with people who I barely know.

Miles admits to the group he is struggling with the racial inequality in the country, as a black man. Karen is surprised he was so open and honest, but appreciates that he shared his feelings. If we could only get her to appreciate that when they are alone, they might get somewhere as a couple.

While playing a game of ladder golf, Miles and Karen share what they each would need to go into decision day. Karen wants to continue having genuine and organic conversations, that don’t feel forced. While Miles still feels confused. Karen still doesn’t give him any unsolicited affection and he fears that may never change. I think Karen either doesn’t really like Miles or she is just too jaded to allow herself to loosen up. Either way, time is running out.

While hanging out with the guys, Miles shares that he is unsure of the fate of his marriage with Karen. It’s no secret all the challenges these two have faced. But this is the first time I’ve seen him not seem optimistic publicly. Personally, I’m glad he isn’t just ignoring their issues. He has shared with Karen on numerous occasions that he needs some type of affection. Although she has promised to try, nothing changes. Miles shares his frustration with Woody, who feels they are limiting their marital experience. Surprisingly, when the couples play a game of stranger spouse, Karen and Miles win.  I guess when all you do is talk; you can’t help but know more about each other.


Amani & Woody

Married At First Sight Recap: Stranger Spouse

During a friendly game of dominoes, Amani and Woody talk about decision day. They both acknowledge things are going great in their relationship. But they discuss things that would make them change their mind on decision day. For Amani, he would have to do something to make her distrust him. Woody would only say no on decision day, if his wife reverts back to being on the fence about her feelings for him. After spending the weekend with the other couples, Amani is grateful for her husband. She actually credits the pandemic for giving everyone a chance to become closer. This season has been historic. No other couples have had their time together extended an additional six weeks without production.

Amelia & Bennett

Married At First Sight Recap: Stranger Spouse

Bennett announces to the group that he and his wife, Amelia have had sex. Later, they both write letters to their younger self. Amelia writes a really nice letter that gives some wisdom, as well as mentions Bennett. She is disappointed when he reads his letter and only talks about the money he could have made if he had not ruined a Pokémon card. Really, Bennett? Although, I really like this couple, I am concerned that they aren’t having conversations that go beyond the surface. What is cute and quirky now can eventually become annoying.

Amelia and Bennett have started moving to Virginia for her residency. This is going to be a true test of their relationship. She may not have the same amount of time once she starts her job. With Bennett not knowing anyone there but his wife, things could get tricky. I don’t think things will remain as fun and lighthearted soon.






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