Leah McSweeney Taking A Swipe At Bethenney Frankel? Praises Cardi B For “WAP” After Bethenny Dissed The Track

Leah McSweeney sailed through her first season on Real Housewives of New York. Yes, she was inebriated a good deal of the time, but if you wanted to find Sonja Morgan, you needed to look under a table. That said, Leah decided to embrace sobriety once again and remain somewhat conscious in an effort to dodge thinly-veiled digs from Ramona Singer.

Looks like that clarity has provided Leah with some dance skills and maybe some thinly-veiled digs of her own. Bethenney Frankel made news recently, with some disparaging remarks regarding a Cardi B song. Beth felt some type of way about the explicit lyrics of “WAP” and proceeded to get owned by half of social media. Now Leah shares her opinion of the song that forces Bethenney to her fainting couch. Leah also shares some moves you would have never seen on Dance Fever.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released a lovely little song called “WAP”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this is not a song for children. The lyrics are quite straightforward. Lest you be confused about the title, it’s not a lullaby about a wet cat. “WAP” is not for everyone, but some see it as a nod towards female empowerment. Regardless of how you view it, the popularity speaks for itself.

After having to explain the song to her daughter, who heard it on Tik Tok, Bethenney shared her thoughts. “I don’t like when men speak like that. We don’t like that men have been players. We haven’t liked that men have called women sluts. So that doesn’t mean that now we’re going to like being called a whore.”


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Um, didn’t Beth slut shame Luann de Lesseps for an entire weekend in the Berkshires without the benefit of a backing track? It’s strange to say explaining the song to Bryn Hoppy put her in a compromising position, but Bethenney certainly didn’t mind attacking Luann for her compromising positions.

Anyhypocrite, Leah is no stranger to the hip-hop community. Apparently Leah is no stranger to impromptu dance performances a la Lisa Rinna. Yesterday Leah jumped on her Instagram to wish Cardi B a happy birthday. And she may or may not have been sending a message to Bethenney as well.


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She captioned the clip, “Happy belated bday @iamcardib If we want to hold Cardi to certain standards why aren’t we asking the same of male rappers? If they can talk about WAPs why can’t she? WAP WAP WAP FOR LIFE! #ThankYouLilKim #ThankYouHipHop”. Congratulations to Leah for gyrating in a manner that would otherwise cause me to break a hip.

The point is pretty simple. Yes, some song lyrics are downright dirty. Other lyrics are downright violent. Also, there’s this lovely little thing called parental controls. USE THEM, MY PEOPLE. If you need to protect your child from an artist who expresses themselves in a way that crushes your moral compass, don’t allow kids access to an environment where the songs are played.


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Bethenney was not wrong for sharing her opinion about a controversial song. Leah is not wrong for supporting something she feels represents female empowerment. But before you take to social media and wax poetic about women calling other women sluts and whores, at least make sure there isn’t filmed evidence of you doing the same thing.


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