We’re a total of like 43 minutes into the newest season of Real Housewives of Orange County and whew. I think it may actually be a doozy. Whatever we’re about to see on the show, it seems the women have been waiting for episode 1 to drop so that they could unleash a complete shit show of personal info on social media. And yea. I’m here for it.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has spilled that she’s not speaking to any of her cast-matesShannon Beador has fired back against Braunwyn too. Braunwyn also admitted shes not living with her husband. Meanwhile, Emily Simpson is still trying to make her troll husband happen while co-signing Shannon’s comments about newly-sober Braunwyn.  Are we about to see an Emily and Shannon tag-team take down?

Emily recently told Entertainment Tonight“The second half of the season is really interesting because some very deep and very, very — I don’t even know what the word is… traumatic, maybe, things come up that no one really knows about that wasn’t in the press.” Well shit girl, you and your cast-mates are keeping the press busy lately. What’s left!? Emily continued, “I think it’s really interesting for people to hold on and watch the entire season, because I think they’re going to be really surprised by things that happen.”

And, in case you forgot, the Season 15 trailer for the show showed Emily telling us, “I don’t know what to do.” while sobbing. Apparently that was our hint at the defining moment. A moment that somehow brings Shannon and Emily closer. 


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Despite the amigas-who-shall-not-be-named ranting on social media about this new Emily and Shannon friendship, Emily said, “I went into season 15 and I didn’t want to hold a grudge with Shannon.” She’s literally pretending to love a guy who couldn’t show a teaspoon of affection towards her while sobbing over her traumatic fertility history. Like, we know you don’t hold a grudge girl, stop playing. Emily also said “I really like Shannon, I’m glad that I have the opportunity to get to know her .”

It sounds like Emily actually pities Shannon. She joked, “She’s una amiga right now, but she needs some otras amigas.” Emily also jabbed that Bravo should add a ticker to the episodes to see how many times Shannon asks her if “fun Emily” is coming out to play. Spare me the repetitive HAPPY Shannon humor. I beg. 


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In the end Emily announces, “I wanted to be like, ‘Shannon, I’ve always been fun. You just never gave me the opportunity!'” Ew. Really? I can’t believe she isn’t using her opportunity to put this remaining 1/3 of an asshole sandwich in her place. But anyways.

Emily also shared, “Like, [Shannon] never even talked to me before, so how would [she] know if I was [fun]? And I wasn’t fun last year. I do have to take ownership of that. I had a bad year.”

Emily admitted, “I was in a lot of pain. I just wasn’t in a good place. In my marriage and my life and my health. I’m a new woman this season.”


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Oh lovely. A new season new woman story line. Maybe I take my comment about this year being a doozy back…



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