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Emily Simpson Thinks Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, & Vicki Gunvalson Are “Bullies”

Much of Emily Simpson’s story on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County has centered around her marriage to her little bitch  husband Shane Simpson. While Shane studied to take the California Bar exam, Emily worked, took care of the kids, and kept their household going. After all, Shane was studying at a hotel and had little communication with his family in an effort to pass the test. Spoiler alert–he didn’t pass.

But what did Shane pass on? Shane refused to go to Las Vegas with Emily to celebrate their anniversary. Emily even arranged to dance on-stage in a sexy burlesque routine for her husband. Instead, the confident lawyer hit the stage in front of Shane’s parents and RHOC co-stars Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. I admire Emily’s confidence.

At the wellness retreat, Tamra Judge asked Emily why she wasn’t invited to Las Vegas. Emily responded that she is closed off to some of the group, and it based on her co-star’s behavior. Then Emily’s bestie, Gina Kirschenheiter, criticized Emily for going to Vegas and performing without Shane. I fear that Gina is morphing into a mini- Shannon Beador with always being the victim.

One person that Emily sticks with for the whole season is Kelly. Last season, Vicki “I heard a rumor” Gunvalson accused Kelly of doing cocaine. This season a rumor, courtesy of Tamra and Vicki, circulated that Kelly was involved in a sex train. Kelly denied all the ugly rumors and bashed the Tres Amigas every chance that she could.

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Emily is also not a fan of the Tres Amigas: Tamra, Shannon, and Vicki. In an interview with US Weekly, Emily said, “I feel like when they get together, I feel like they’re mean. I think they’re bullies. Mean girls. Absolutely.” Of course, Emily also referred to the Tres Amigas as the “Old Lady Gang.” You go, Emily!

Emily was upset by the way that the Tres Amigas treated RHOC co-star Kelly. “I just saw [the bullying] throughout the season, towards the end when they all kind of turned on Kelly. I feel like it wasn’t directed at me, but there was a lot of things that were directed at her,” Emily explained. “A lot of things that didn’t have anything to do with the show. A lot of bringing up things to try to make her look bad. I didn’t like that. I thought it was dirty, and I thought it was unethical. I thought it was just wrong.”

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And it turns out that Emily’s relationship with Tamra also suffered because of Emily siding with Kelly. “There’s such a division in the cast because it was really like Kelly versus Tamra. Kelly and I are very close, so I feel like I’m just on the outs, because I didn’t turn against Kelly,” Emily stated. “So that puts me in a position where it’s basically me against everyone else.”

In a video clip, Emily added that people commenting on her marriage doesn’t bother her. “It’s more the things that are more personal like physical…like making fun of me or talking about me behind my back. Those are the things that bother me more,” Emily remarked. Remember when Tamra compared Emily to Shrek? I am sure that Emily does. Tamra is just out of control this season.

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And how is Kelly doing now after battling the Tres Amigas? “Kelly is Kelly,” Emily told US Weekly. Kelly is fine. She’s probably on a yacht somewhere like living her best life not giving an “F” about what anyone says about her.”


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