Braunwyn Windham-Burke Says Gina Kirschenheiter Weaponized Her Sexuality And Made Her Seem Like A “Predator” Because She’s Bisexual; She’s “Saddened” That Gina Turned Sean Burke’s Nice Gesture Into Something Else

Both Gina Kirschenheiter and Braunwyn Windham-Burke spent the last Real Housewives of Orange County season sucking up to Tamra Judge. And that’s where the similarities end. Gina joined Tamra to bash her “close” friend Emily Simpson multiple times and Tamra made out with Braunwyn many times.

During the Season 15 premiere episode, Braunwyn showed off new home, which includes a nightclub. Then, Gina showed us her three-bedroom condo that she shares with her new boyfriend Travis Mullen and all six of their kids. The contrast was very much apparent. During the second episode, Gina took shots with Emily and drunk dialed Braunwyn. Meanwhile, Braunwyn continued to focus on her sobriety. These two seem to be on the opposite page most of the time. Braunwyn brushes her hair and Gina has ratty, visibly extensions. I can go on and on, but I’m a nobody. Let’s see what Braunwyn has to say about her frenemy Gina.

During a recent appearance on Us Weekly‘s Getting Real With the Housewives podcast, Christina Garibaldi told Braunwyn, “We do see that you and Gina are kind of, right from the beginning, at odds this season. Were you kind of expecting that? We see that she talks about the text message from Sean [Burke] and there [are] a lot of different layers going on there.”

“I guess I kind of was. Gina’s never liked me from the beginning. You know, she’s always had a perception of me that’s based on an idea. She’s never really taken the time to get to know me, so no. But, that happens a lot in our lives. That’s not the first relationship I’ve had with a woman where they judge me before they get to know me. So, I wasn’t really surprised,” Braunwyn responded.


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Braunwyn shared, “I was saddened that she took something like that text message and made it into something else.”

Then, she explained the situation, recalling, “We all went to the tea party last year and went out after and we were drinking too much. She was very intoxicated. She couldn’t get her own Uber and Sean did something nice. He got her an Uber. He got her home and he was checking on her to make sure she was safe.” Sounds considerate to me. Unfortunately for Sean, Gina is desperate for a storyline so she can upgrade her living situation with a higher paycheck.


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Braunwyn admitted, “I felt very upset that she took a nice gesture and made it into something else.” Then, Braunwyn shared her theory on why she is in the drama this season.

Braunwyn explained, “I think because people on the show know that I’m attracted to women it sort of gives them this sense that they can weaponize it and make me into a predator and there’s just something about that which just doesn’t sit right with me.” Unfortunately, weaponizing sexuality is an overly used tactic on these Bravo shows and it needs to stop.

She explained, “When it comes to same-sex relationships, it’s somehow ‘dirty’ or ‘inappropriate.’ I think more than the text message, it’s her weaponizing my sexuality that really got to me. Like, wow, just because I’m attracted to women, that doesn’t mean that I’m attracted to all women or that I would do something like that. It’s not OK. It’s 2020, we can’t just make broad, sweeping accusations like that. That hurt me the most.” Understandable.


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And then, after saying all the right things, Braunwyn got petty, when she was asked about Gina’s new man Travis, who she moved in with months after they started dating. Braunwyn said, “Back then, when I heard about it, I wasn’t even sure if she was divorced yet. I mean she had just been through this very, in the public eye, awful experience and it was like woah, maybe you don’t have the right choices sometimes in men. Maybe we just need to take a step back and focus on ourselves and our kids for a hot second. It was a lot.”

That’s a lot of shade. Shading Gina for her love life and parenting decisions. I just want to know why she mentioned nothing about Gina’s tattered hair extensions and glitter eye shadow.


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