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Gina Kirschenheiter Says Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is “Annoying” & Says A Lot Of “Stupid Stuff”

What are your thoughts on this season of Real Housewives of Orange County? Overall, I would say that it is a bit of an improvement over the last few seasons. Maybe it has something to do with that cast member who used to be a regular on the show and was demoted and hasn’t been on as much…what is her name again? Nicki…Ricki…Micki…oh yeah, Vicki Gunvalson!

This season’s newest cast member, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, has made quite a splash–but maybe not always in the most positive ways. Unlike last season’s freshman Housewives, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson, Braunwyn has let it all hang out. Sometimes, maybe too much. From making out with Tamra Judge to oversharing intimate details of her odd marriage, Braunwyn is assuring she doesn’t fade into the background. Recently, Braunwyn found herself being truly initiated into the group by being yelled at by another cast member–Gina. So, how does Gina really feel about Braunwyn after their tea party dust up?

Gina recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and was asked by a caller if she regretted yelling at Braunwyn and if she still finds her annoying. Amusingly, Gina never answered if she regretted blowing up at Gina–can I take that as a no? She did, however comment on the other part of the question. Gina stated, “Oh, I definitely still find Braunwyn annoying.”

I will defer to Gina on her opinion of Braunwyn as if anyone knows annoying behavior, it is Gina. I guess it takes one to know one, Long Island Lady! Gina even recently said that Braunwyn was “trying a little too hard” as a cast member. Thirsty Gina–meet parched Braunwyn!

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Does this mean that Gina doesn’t like Braunwyn? Gina shared, “I don’t think Braunwyn’s a bad person. I don’t think she’s malicious.” Except for when she is trying to give helpful advice on schools. Then she is positively venomous–how dare Braunwyn try to be compassionate, understanding and helpful.

“I think she’s really good for the cast and us as a group of friends,” Gina added. Braunwyn certainly is an interesting addition to the cast. I had her pegged as a nice, normal suburban soccer mom at the beginning of the season. Remind me to get my Housewife radar fixed–I was way off base with this one!

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Gina also believes that Braunwyn challenges her, declaring, “She keeps me on my toes for sure with all the stupid stuff she says. And it’s good.” OK–I would say that is more on the aggressive side of the passive-aggressive scale, Gina.

Something tells me that Gina might not ask Braunwyn to go out on the town for a girl’s night out when not filming. Unless she is looking for a ride so she doesn’t have to Uber courtesy her DUI. It is easy to see why the two might not be simpatico. Gina can be loud, crass and blunt. Braunwyn is quieter, dances around things and doesn’t seem to want to ruffle anyone’s feathers–except, of course, for Tamra’s. Undiplomatic and overly sensitive don’t always mix so well.

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Maybe Gina and Braunwyn are not destined to be best friends like Gina is with Emily. Oops–bad example! It will be interesting to see how the two interact for the rest of the season and at the reunion. Something tells me there might be more fireworks in their future.


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