Real Housewives Of New York Alum Jules Wainstein Finalizes Divorce Following Restraining Order Drama

A lot has happened in the recent seasons of Real Housewives of New York. It’s hard to believe that it was only four years ago Jules Wainstein graced our screens. Simpler times. Jules is mostly known for putting a fork in a calzone before baking. There’s also the time her ailing-father story line taken over by Luann de Lesseps who wanted to talk about her own slut-shaming instead. Jules was pretty basic tbh. Right down to the failing marriage and child named Jagger.

Well, Jules’ marriage to  Michael Wainstein failed for real. Catastrophically, I may add. There have been insane child support accusations, physical attacks, and drug tests. Divorce story lines aren’t usually my favorite, but I could have made an exception! Dear Bravo, why didn’t you get all this??

Well, more juicy details may start trickling out now that the proceedings are over. Us Weekly is reporting that the divorce between Jules and Michael is finally final. After literal years. Michael’s attorney revealed that his ““client is happy to close this chapter of his life and is looking forward to moving on.” Ugh. Give me some dirt, a bitter remark, anything!

The couple’s split comes after four years of back and fourth. That’s roughly half the length of their marriage, which took place in New York City in 2008. In fact, the couple had a second ceremony in Dominican Republic. Two whole weddings for a marriage lasting less than a decade? Okay then.


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It’s being reported that, though the couple has made their split legal, there are still issues to settle. Namely, custody of their son, Jagger, and daughter, Rio. These battles are complicated by Jules’ claims that her now ex- was unfaithful during their marriage. And then there’s the time she physically attacked him in 2012. A lot to sort out.

A source close to Jules shared, “Jules is going through a living hell.” This source also shared that the couple remained living together early in the divorce because, “neither wanted to be away from the kids.”


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Well that didn’t really work out did it? Eventually, and allegedly, Jules drunkenly attacked Michael in front of the kids resulting in her temporary loss of  custody. Thankfully, after completing some drug testing, Jules has been back with her children since April, 2020. A judge has also denied Michael’s request for a restraining order. 

Jules hasn’t made a public statement, yet. I will just be hanging off the edge of my seat to see what these two come out with next!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]