90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Says She’s Happy After Getting Fired From 90 Day Fiance

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is easily in the top 3 hottest of all messes in the 90 Day Fiance world. Yet she’s still upset she didn’t get more screentime? Lady, count your lucky stars. This season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After she’s stooped so low as to team up with Jess Caroline  to shame the baby carrot Colt Johnson calls an appendage. THEIR NON-VERBAL WORDS, NOT MINE. I love some Coltee hate but this is bottom of the barrel entertainment.

The season also showed Larissa getting yet another plastic surgery, despite being unable to properly afford it. She made up for it by doing an online lingerie show where fans spent upwards of $100k! Keep in mind, that’s not her take home cash. Basically, this senseless lamb spent all her coin on a new face/body, made <$100k, and then was fired from her regular job and paycheck for a 90 Day Fiance contract violation. Oh. Did I mention she was picked up by ICE the next day? Some may call this a bad week. But not our seriously confused Larissa.

Yea. Somehow in her interview with John Yates, Larissa is spinning this whirlwind into a positive. I mean, does she have a choice? In Touch Weekly reported the interview that took place after Larissa was fired from TLC. She shared that she was prepared for the separation saying, “I was ready and happy.” She also basically said the writing “was on the wall.”  Was it? 

Larissa claims she doesn’t need the show for clout and confusingly reports that the negative parts of being famous were getting her down. Excuse me? I don’t think it was the “fame” sweets. More like the nation watching you leave your kids for a micro-peen who lives with his mommy, a slot machine, and a smattering of cats. Imagine being fired from a show that continues to pay the likes of Angela Deem and pretending you’re above it. Yikes. 


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She continued, “It was affecting my mental health. It was affecting the way that I see my body.” Larissa added “I was tired [of doing] what I was doing. I was tired [of filming] for hours and they just showed two minutes. I was tired [of] being attached to [Colt].

Larissa said, “I wanted a new beginning.” Okay so you signed a contract to be on a show where the entire premise is your relationship with your ex. But that wasn’t fair to you that he’s involved? I’m not getting it. 

According to her, Larissa is more content with having newfound freedom to post what she wants on social media. But freedom isn’t free, and shes now making money from her OnlyFans account while living with Eric Nichols


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And before I wrap up this article, I want to make it clear that sex work IS work. She’s supplying a service for which there is a MASSIVE demand. But who is she? You’re not too good for the show that throttled you into your new career…and that’s that on that.


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