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Gina Kirschenheiter Still Has Modified Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband A Year Later

What can you say about Real Housewives of Orange County. Well, quite a lot this season. Gone are the days of Vicki Gunvalson whooping it up and peeing on beds. We said good-bye to Tamra Judge, though Tamra has not said good-bye to us. Never fear, viewers have a new cast member to focus on! Elizabeth Vargas joined the show and brought along her enormous divorce settlement. Shannon STORMS Beador, Kelly Dodd, the lovable Emily Simpson, and Gina Kirschenheiter remain to teach us all what not to do in life.

This season appears to revolve around Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her battle with alcohol, but we cannot forget what happened last year. Gina and ex-husband Matt Kirschenheiter went through some very hard times. “Hard times” is a polite way of saying Matt lost his shit and threatened to kill Gina while her kids were asleep. That stunt got Matt some jail time and a restraining order. Over 12 months out from the fight, the restraining order still stands. Now Gina gives an update on where she and Matt are with their relationship, and what changes have been made.

I have to wonder if Gina sits around practicing her accent scratching her head, questioning her life choices. Having your very nasty divorce take place on television while you have small children can’t be the best prescription for a healthy environment. Then again, shacking up with a new dude and his kids when you are so freshly out of a marriage doesn’t seem like the best idea either.

In June 2019, amid rumors of a reconciliation, Gina and Matt’s relationship hit a brick wall. After a violent and incredibly scary episode, Gina was forced to call the police to restrain Matt after he physically abused her in an attack. What followed was an ugly divorce and custody case that played out in the media. Fortunately it seems Gina and Matt have repaired parts of their damaged bond. Gina already said her ex-husband will be showing up on RHOC this year. Matt has the reputation of a Yeti, apparently he exists but we have never actually seen him.


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In the season premier, Gina had a meeting with her lawyer about Matt, and her new man tagged along as well. That was…interesting, guess the new couple is wide open. In an effort to show growth and maturity, there were adjustments made to Matt’s existing restraining order. According to Us Weekly, Matt no longer has to endure drug and alcohol testing or monitoring. Per the documents, “The restraining order was ‘amended by stipulation of the parents'”, which makes it the fifth time it has been altered.

Gina and Matt must also use the website TalkingParents to discuss their offspring. The platform allows parents to communicate through a third party that tracks their conversations. This comes in handy when you have a nice passive-aggressive former spouse with a penchant for emotional abuse to deal with. Matt and Gina will be back in court in January 2021 for the continuation of the domestic violence case.


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Gina has since moved on and moved in with boyfriend Travis Mullen. “[In 2020] we are manifesting good life decisions. We are manifesting good luck and love in the love life,” Gina said. Hopefully for Gina she also manifests some new hair extensions as well. Stay tuned to RHOC for new developments on Gina’s love life with Matt Travis and how those “life decisions” are working out for her.


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