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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Taglines Revealed!

Who is ready to welcome new friends to the Bravo Universe? Full disclosure, I am very excited about Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. We haven’t had a new franchise in years and sometimes the same old faces bring the same old drama. How many seasons can we really tolerate Lisa Rinna telling us to “own it”?

Thankfully, Bravo is showing mercy on our tainted souls by introducing Salt Lake City (and diversity) to viewers. When you think of extravagant lifestyles and wealthy histrionics, Utah might not be the first state that comes to mind. However, by all accounts these ladies are nuts have strong personalities and some very interesting background stories. Now the RHOSLC taglines have been released, giving fans a little insight into these strong personalities. I know Utah has a lot of mountains, but I didn’t know it was so shady.

Last year at BravoCon, Andy Cohen teased a major announcement. Most people expected a new Housewives show, but the location caused some head scratching. Utah? Mormons? Really? Oh honeys, I assure you some people with the strongest convictions have the most to hide!

As we all know, a tagline can sum up someone’s personality in one paragraph or less. Mine would be: “If I filtered my mouth as much as I filter my photos, I’d be on everyone’s good side…” Now let’s hear from the Utah gang! E! News has the scoop. It looks like the HBIC is going to be Jen Shah, or at least she wants to be the HBIC. From released trailers, it appears Jen likes to throw things. Her tagline is, “In this town, I’m Queen Bee and MVP.” Oh hello, Beyoncé. Jen grew up Mormon, but learned of the “historical mistreatment of Black people in the Mormon religion” and converted to Islam.


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Moving on, we meet Lisa Barlow. Lisa sells tequila and calls herself a “Mormon 2.0”. She doesn’t adhere to the strict rules of the Mormon church. Translation: She’s religious with a lot of leeway. Lisa’s tagline is, “When you take cheap shots, always expect a hangover.” I’m not mad at that one. We can appreciate her nod to the alcohol business…

Then we have Whitney Rose. Whitney calls herself “Mormon Royalty”. Her marriage will fall into escalando territory as viewers learn she and her hubby took a ride on the cheating bus before turning their sinful affair into a wedding. Whit’s tagline is, “This rose isn’t scared to handle a little prick.” Isn’t she the cheeky one! I like Whitney.

Meredith Marks introduces herself with, “Jealousy is a disease, to which I say, ‘Get well soon!'” Meredith designs jewelry and is not a member of the Mormon religion. We’ll get to see how Meredith deals with being an empty nester and having her husband all to herself. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t go well.


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Let’s talk about Mary Cosby. Mary will most likely be the subject of many convos. She is a Pentecostal First Lady and enjoys her champagne. I hope she also enjoys explaining why she married her grandfather. Sorry, her deceased grandmother’s second husband. Mary’s tagline is, “I love God, but I will read you like a scripture.” Both the library and the Bible will be open.

Last but not least, there is Heather Gay. Heather was a devout Mormon but distanced herself from the church after her divorce. Heather is stepping out with, “Just like my pioneer ancestors, I’m trying to blaze a new trail.” Heather owns a med-spa business and doesn’t let her beliefs stop her from publicly supporting things her peers might find otherwise unholy.

I think we can all agree 2020 hasn’t given us much, but it has given us these women. This cast has the potential to shake things up and we deserve to be shook. Living the Salt Life begins November 11 at 10pm on Bravo.


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