90 Day Fiance Fans Rip Apart Nicole Nafziger For Endorsing Weight Loss App

90 Day Fiance’s Nicole Nafziger has been having a serious reputation tear down in recent months. She apparently thought the start of a pandemic that was a great time to leave her daughter and head to Morocco. I’m sue no one was more annoyed than Azan Tefou who had to  de-vegetable her food all over again. Either way, fans went crazy on her after abandoning her child for months. Even her co-stars got in on the dragging. Good thing her mommy stood up for her.

Oh yea, and Nicole’s fiance has been accused of already being married to his cousin. I’m serious. Anyways, she is somehow once again digging a deep hole with her fans.

Nicole made an Instagram post peddling some capitalistic diet bullshit. Can’t she just stick to her sad-fashion MLM clothing? She starts her post out saing “#ad @flattummyapp is everything I need to finish this year off right and smash my fitness goals – and take it from me, it works!” Uh. Am I the only one who feels crazy uncomfortable when Nicole does these weight loss gimmicks? Her own fiance commented on her weight saying shes “big a little bit.” CRINGE. I have sympathy PTSD.

The picture Nicole posted is taken from slightly above. She’s posing with one hand on her hip and the other holding up the weight-loss app. Her Grimace color hair also vaguely matches her purple cotton t-shirt. I only mention all of this because she felt the need to explain, “Fun fact: May took this picture and suggested I put my hand on my hip instead of point at the app. Do you think she did a great job? (I’m writing this because I’m so impressed with her camera skills!)(There were other family that could help me to take a pic but I let May help me because she likes when I include her in these things)” I seriously can’t read all that without LOLing. Like. Just no. I’ll take “Things that never actually happened” for 800, Alex. 


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Many fans were supportive on Nicole’s new endeavor. One said “Great Job!. It does look like you lost weight” and added, “Take it slow because it’s a life style change.” Another attacked some of Nicole’s more hateful followers saying, “Wow some of you people act like you are in middle school with your hateful comments and ignorance. Grow the F up.”

Nicole’s other followers slammed her saying things like “A bit of advice – if you wanna sell it….Do it….” , “You’ve got to be kidding me”, and “You’ve been advertising weight loss products for over a year.”  A lot of the comments expressed frustration that Nicole constantly sells weight loss garbage but doesn’t ever show herself using the garbage. Which…yea. She’s crazy annoying with this stuff.


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I’m just going to end this story with a gentle reminder of the time Nicole ran after Azan in an argument but didn’t chase him up the stairs. Or the time she legit couldn’t walk up the hill and pretended to pass out. Or the time she literally ate dry scoops of green dust as a source of vitamins repeatedly on Instagram. Who is trying to emulate this lifestyle?


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[Photo Credit: TLC]